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Linkedin Banner Design Project

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May 15, 2021

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back will now be designing a LinkedIn Vanna okay for the social media platform called LinkedIn so let's get straight into it now you can click more just here at the top but for me personally it's right here with the most popular ones which I use most so I'm going to click this here but for you to find it if it's not on these top ones just click more scroll down until you find a LinkedIn banner ok so click that and let the page load ok so here we are this is where we will begin the design process for our LinkedIn banner now you have the layouts on the left here you can choose any of these they all look absolutely fantastic and you have the main screen this is where we will be designing this is what will be uploaded to LinkedIn for your panel ok so let's go straight into it first things first I'm just going to rename the design and LinkedIn fan off so it that's what it says has almost all the other videos I have done it at the end and now if what Mays orders do it to the beginning so it's already done okay so let's just scroll down until we can find a layout which looks good for us now I've already seen a few which look really good this one here was really cool I like that actually yeah feel we're going to use this actually as it's really quite nice I like it a lot so this has changes to black quick and then it is motivation marketing mindset so we're just going to change this up a bit so first of all going to change this to online courses online courses and then the second one will be 24-7 support o su PP o RT and then for the last one we will put 25,000 plus students ok so now we're gonna have to make this text a little bit smaller so it all fits in one line so let's just do that right now let's say about 14 yep that fits ok so doesn't look too great like that so let's make this box bigger so we can also make the fonts bigger let's have it almost to the edges I think there there we go that's good and make sure that's centered there we go fantastic there we go perfect so that fits in very nicely so we've got online courses 24/7 support and 25,000 plus students so that means over 25,000 students we can give you support 24/7 five days a week so we're always available to support you and we sell online courses so now I might put a space after that and after that and I might also add the black book training Dockery ok web okay so let's go to text and body text all in lowercase letters WWII quick training Kelly okay fantastic okay so there we go so let's just pop that there and we're also going to want to change the font and the color of this text let's see what we can do here so let's put this as that and put it white there we go very nice now I think I do want to put it as a slightly weaker font very thin font I want there we go that's quite nice let's see what it looks like metallic there we go that's quite cool yep and then let's just put that down to about it's just such a leave it there because if we move it down we can't read the end of the web address okay so there we go like boot training coder UK fantastic so we have online courses 24/7 support and of course 25,000 plus students very good okay and now we are going to go and click search and type in MacBook as these are all the best images that we will be able to use for the background image so this to see what we want to use here so we've got a few different options so let's obviously go through some of them to see which one we like the most let's just have a look here that's very nice I like that a lot now remember this is for LinkedIn that's just something to note so when you're using your images just remember what it's for of course because if you put say the image and remember for LinkedIn it's a very business he type social media page so just remember that really that's what I want to say just make sure you come over that is for LinkedIn okay so there we go and I'm gonna actually change this text at the bottom back to black because then it's actually readable so we've got white text in the black box and then outside the black box we have black text so I think that looks very nice and very active that it's very basic but very nice easy to make but also very nice as well I must say so let's just change the font a few times to see if we can find something a little bit better and once we have let's just leave it as that there we go fantastic so we've got black book training code UK black brick is of course the name of the company online courses 24/7 support and over 25 students is some of the details about us so it's what we sell what we can offer you and what we already have which is over 25,000 students lays absolutely fantastic now I'm just gonna try and change the image one more time just to see if this looks better nope I don't think so let's leave it is this so that is absolutely fantastic we have designed our LinkedIn in under 10 minutes it's super awesome it's super amazing and I'm very happy with it hopefully you guys are too if you aren't of course you have many different layouts for you to choose I chose this one because I thought it looks nice but of course you can choose any of these which you like the most like I've chosen this one this is the one I think I like the most of course there may be one which is added later which I like even more but for now I'm very happy with this I think it looks very very nice now you can also add your other social media user names at the bottom for people to see it so they can follow you but in this video I'm not gonna be doing that it's very simple you can do that on your own you can go to search type in Instagram like so hit enter use the Instagram logo put it down there and your user name next to it but I'm not going to do that I've finished this design I like it very much and hopefully you guys do too so thank you for watching thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you learnt a lot I'll see you in the next one once again thanks and goodbye.

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