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Gift Certificate Design Project

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back in this lecture we'll be designing a gift certificate so let's go straight into it so first of all just click more at the top just here and then look for gift certificate under marketing materials just here so as you can see gift certificate is this one just here it's the 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 in from the left or the third one from the right at the time of recording but if they add more marketing materials it will just be in here somewhere so just look for gift certificate ok so let's get straight into it by clicking it fantastic so once this page has loaded on the right here this is the canvas and on the left is all of the canva layouts which we will be using to help us design the gift certificate ok so let's get straight into it first things first I am just going to rename the design and just call it a gift certificate design just like this and either hit enter or click the done button and that will then automatically save as you can see on the left here the changes will be saved automatically fantastic so now over on the left we are going to pick one of these gift certificate layouts and turn it into a design so let's get straight into it of course so we are going to do one for the 10 dollar 10 pound black brick training course coupons ok so let's just look for something which will make that look very nice now with these it is kind of like a business card they give you the option to print them out so you can actually do a front and back of the design but you don't have to ok so just take note of that you of course do not have to let's just keep looking through them now this one here looks quite nice let's have a look at this 30% off ok yeah I think I could use this actually so let's just type in here black brick and then I am going to type in the code black brick just here or in capitals just like so and then make it a bit smaller so it doesn't take up the entire page 32:28 will do there we go fantastic and make sure this design is centered lovely and then down here we are going to type the ultimate online courses . then we're going to do a comma and type in go from beginner to professional fantastic and that is perfect and then we have on wedding photography for the lovely June brides so we're of course going to change that as well so we're going to change that to get any course for just $10 using the code above there we go fantastic so we have the name of the company the name of the coupon what the coupon does and of course the slogan for the company we also need the web address but we can get that in just one second first of all we're going to remove this icon here and add something different so let's go to elements and then icons and see if we can find on here the light bulb seems to be good I would say but there's a few others which could as well but yeah let's just use the light bulb and make it quite a bit smaller pop that in just here fantastic and change the color now we can have any color with one I think I'm gonna make it the creamy color because that looks quite nice the background image is currently people getting married so we're going to change that let's go to Mac look and then we'll get a nice MacBook image as it looks very professional and very stylish so they slide that in they would go and I might change that to a different image actually because that one isn't perfect there we go that one's very nice there we go perfect so let's click on the image and have a look called filter why it seems to be no filter how about this they have taken away some of the saturation so let's bring that back and actually add some blur because then it can focus on the actual offer in the center so let's go +50 on the blur as actually remove some of the blur when you download it so that is something to take note of of course so we have all the main information on here now that is centered that looks very nice I'm very happy with it of course and yes that is very good and of course we need to add a new page and we need to go back to layouts and we will need the back of the gift certificate design okay so once again we need one of these macbook images to remove this just here so let's look for something on here how about this one no let's just use the same image that we used for the front and then if you double click it you can choose which part is actually shown so I'm going to take it down to about here like so that looks good I like that very nice awesome so then we have the silly little icon that looks like this again is delete that and let's just duplicate this one and move it down here like that fantastic and make sure that it's all centered very nice there we're going to canoe up a little and then of course we need to type Black Creek and then here we have the terms and conditions okay so we need to change some of these and at the bottom it says wedding snaps reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice so one we're going to do is for legal reasons if we do use this to change it to black brick like brick reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice okay and the gift voucher is only good very single transaction at two wedding snaps so let's just change this here the gift factor is only redeemable via the website on any of black bricks courses fantastic and we may have to take out some of this so it fits in one line okay so if we change our chart to code the gift code is only redeemable via the website on any of black bricks courses the gift voucher will be considered null and void if damaged or tampered with we may as well just leave that it's many can be used online anyway this is just for of course example purposes but of course you do need the terms and conditions on the back for legal reasons of course this gift voucher will not be replaced when lost damaged or stolen in the event of any dispute to the decision of weddings taps management is final okay so I'm going to change it to black brick just so it says us instead of them fantastic there we go so this doesn't really matter if someone loses it we will just give him a new one everyone has the code black brick and anyone can use it so this doesn't matter too much the terms and conditions anyone can use the code on any of our courses but if you are using a physical coupon and you are actually going to print out the gift certificate that you are designing you need to make sure that you of course your terms and conditions are legally done and make sure that you do them all properly so make sure you read them over and make sure that everything is done correctly so you just want to go to file and save and you can of course download it and then print it off or email it or send it to any of your customers if you wish but yeah this is an awesome example of a gift certificate that you can design this has taken no longer than 10 minutes and is an awesome design and I'm very happy with it so yes that is that hopefully you all enjoyed this video and hopefully you learned a lot I've had a great time and hopefully you have too so I will see you in the next one once again folks watching thanks for listening and goodbye.

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