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Facebook Post Design

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back so in this video we'll be designing a Facebook post so let's go straight into it so first of all you wanna head over to and at the top here where it says create a design head over to the right and click more wait for this page to load and then have a quick look for the one that says Facebook post so we're going to scroll down right now and try and find it ourselves so we've got a few different ones here marketing materials possibly nope no we must have gone past it okay so scroll back up real quick make sure you're looking at everything to make sure we don't miss it again and okay so we'll see it now here we go so sorry I scrolled straight faster it's the second bar here social media posts and it is the one two three fourth one Facebook post okay so click onto that right now and let it load okay so fantastic this is the page where we will begin our design so we have all of the different layouts over here on the left for us to choose from fantastic and most of these actually look like they're paid ones which is annoying indeed but not to worry we'll find one which is not paid so that's absolutely fine here we go there's some free ones down here perfect so it looks like this but all of these pay your hands above the free ones to try and trick people but don't worry scroll down a bit and we got a ton of free ones that's fantastic okay so from here we've got a load of free ones awesome so we're going to pick one of these free layouts and then we are going to begin designing so let's get straight into it yeah okay so for our design we're gonna do sort of like a discount code for Black Creek training to get any of our courses for $10 so we're going to have to look for one which is like a coupon type design we can change it up if it's not already a coupon design but of course it's helpful if it already is so let's just have a quick scroll down here and see all of them see what they like and see which one is perfect for us pretty much so there's many many different options for you to pick from here so you're not gonna be short of a choice it would definitely be one for everyone I'd say no matter what you're making they'll be one for you in my opinion anyway so if we could do this one we could do this one and it could be the black group training anniversary okay and then we could do a discount because it's the anniversary of black berry training okay but we don't have to do that one so we can obviously keep scrolling down we can keep this one here and then add a new page if we want to so that that one's always there in case we want to design - okay so we'll leave that one there as and it and then design something else as well if we want to so let's keep scrolling down and zut we can find okay so flash-sale three day sale up to simply turn off okay so this looks like the sort of thing we need so let's go to this one here that says flash sale this is a flash sale okay so fantastic so at the top here you've got the text name the company and then we've got the theme or the date of when it is so of course this is spring break for mainly Americans I would say because in England we don't really have something called spring break and then we have up to 70% of everything and then we have at the bottom the website address and then we've got some splashes of pain over here as well okay we can work of this we can work with this fantastic so now we are going to change this to $10 so just like so $10 there we go fantastic and we're going to change this to get any boss for just $10 fantastic yeah okay so by this type in this all year round and the top we'll change it to black brick awesome that's just what we need and at the bottom we need black brick training code at UK so what has changes to UK real quick and then just change this here as well fantastic and then what we need to do is let's see okay so if i duplicate this so there we go we have it now so let's duplicate that we need to grab the black e coloured one over here not a white change the colour when we duplicated it but oh well make sure that everyone is still centered there we go it's centered and now all we need from this one is to have this bottom bit of text and we need to type in it use the code the code black brick okay fantastic so we've got that there as well so what we're going to do actually is just move this up and move this up awesome and we want the colour of this to be white as well as it fits in a lot nice so it fits in we're just way to fit in you know if it doesn't fit in it just doesn't work for a while so this fits in its fits in nicely we're going to change this to once we change this to a greeny color I think yeah change up the green and change all of these ones on here to a green as well which are currently yellow so change that to a dark green or light green awesome and then these ones as well change into a dark green and a light green fantastic okay oh I said he selected the same green for both of them so let me just redo that real quick there we go awesome and I think the outside is now too similar to the inside color so let's change that to yeah red that looks nice let's leave that like that and then change the font of black brick up here as that is just too basic do I mean it's not very nice that fun so let's change that up a bit there we go that's nicer and then use the same one for this down here as well so let's just change that up too and that's that one there okay and we can bulb them both as well fantastic and then they stand and pop out a bit more and then we'll have a capital B and the capital B for brick and of course capital T for training just so the words actually stand out a bit more like that so fantastic there we go and that's all we really need to do but of course this in the center here doesn't really fit in with that color phim having a random red color so let's just put that as black as well as of course is black bricks so yep let's do that and then let's highlight some of this so let's put it in a yellowy color I'd say we're not sure just yet but yeah I think that works this can be a very brightly themed color okay so just be aware of the bright colors only around sale and then exclamation mark on here like so fantastic and then instead of use the code black with and have removed that duplicate this Val here move this below this so it's centered want it to be centered with that so let me just make this a bit smaller it says that's the center but what we're actually gonna be doing is changing the font as well to let's change the font on here this is going to be a very quick design okay and hopefully it's a good one too hopefully you'll like it hopefully you are happy with it let's change this to 32 of course you can use any of these layouts that you want I've just picked this one because I think it pops and it looks very nice in my opinion so yeah that's why I pick this one let's make sure all this is centered yep Center yep that's all centered very nice and so is this yep fantastic okay so use the code black brick this needs to all be capitals so let's just do that now fantastic yep I'd say that's readable has to be readable of course otherwise people won't be able to use the code at all so that's very important okay so there we go fantastic that I like I like that a lot let's just make this a bit bigger as well make it fit in a bit more there we go fantastic so that is what we have made but they took us under 10 minutes to design this it looks very nice it's very good and I am very happy with it to be honest with you actually I'm going to be posting this to our Facebook page so that is very nice and maybe even to an advertisement with it this to prove that it is a very nice design this just proves how quickly you can design with this is absolutely amazing and what we can do is add some more stuff to it we can add anything we want elements text background color absolutely anything we can change of course if we click this it'll change the background color like so bombs can undo all of that because I was happy with it how it was that's fantastic we have successfully designed herself a Facebook post now all we need to do now is rename this up here to Facebook face book toast design awesome hit enter and that is now saved you can share it you can download it and you can of course order prints but that is only with the canva pro subscription the order prints so make sure you take note of that if you want to order a print of it you need to pay the monthly cost so that's very important that you do that and then you can print it out as a business card a flyer and postcard a4 paper or a poster it's very awesome but of course in a Facebook post shape you won't want to decide it as a business card or any of that so let's just ignore that for now you want to do that for the business card design I would say in my opinion so yeah that's that we have successfully designed herself an amazing Facebook post of course if you don't like this you can use any of these layouts that you wish and design yourself a design for your Facebook post but this is the one I chose as I'm very happy with it and I like it a lot so hopefully you will enjoy this video hopefully you had a great time hopefully you learnt a lot and hopefully I will see you in the next one thanks for watching thanks for listening and I'll see you soon goodbye. 

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