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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie  as part of our Academy series okay so before we do any of our projects I'm going to show you some designs which I have made using canva comm so let's go straight into it so we have some udemy course images let's open them in a new tab awesome we have our promo which we had for 10,000 students $10 every single course and we've got a few different thumbnails and a few different designs on here as well so let's click on some of these just open them in a new tab so you can just go through them for you and that is awesome so let's just open one last one let's open the YouTube banner fantastic so first let's go through these YouTube thumbnails which are the udemy course promo images okay so we have first of all like Instagram one and then we have our Instagram ads one and then we have our snapchat one and then another one we had for the snapchat course and canva and many many different ones just here which are all absolutely wicked these are absolutely awesome and they're really really fun to make and they have really high quality as well as you can see they get worst quality as soon as you scroll down because this is where we made our first view and then we learn how to be better and then these go up and these are the really really nice ones with the faded backgrounds like this and this and this they're all the super nice udemy images and they are super high quality as well so that is fantastic so then we have gift certificate so here we have created ourselves a gift certificate which we have also turned into a gift which is quite funny a gift certificate which we've turned into a gift which is quite ironic so yeah we have gained any cost for ten dollars because of our 10,000 student celebration use the code black brick ladi Dadi da but yeah this is what we have designed using canva it looks awesome you can just move every single part around it's all modular so there we go every single part fantastic okay so yeah that's that of course we don't want to save any of that so let's click ctrl Z a ton of times and move everything back to how it was there we go and now we have some more YouTube thumbnails so we've got used social media to gain visitors and aids to your website of course so we've got Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram and we've got a facebook like like on just they're so fantastic and then this is a video which I never ended up badging making a buff our social media management tool so we've got the Buffalo go once again all the different social medias at the bottom and the Facebook Likes oh yeah that's that and then the the promo image again we've got that as a thumbnail now as we did a YouTube video on it so that's awesome and then we've got SEO what is SEO save your snapchat stories forever the top 3 SEO tips of 2017 and finally facebook page likes 0.003 cents per like and that is absolutely awesome so yeah that's that as some more thumbnail designs that we've made and finally we have our YouTube channel art so as you can see we've got all of these different little shapes and squares we've got black square with a B in the middle of it and then we've got some nice color around the outside of it so let's just put that back roughly how it was and then we've got the older online courses text lack brick as of course we've got the B over there in white with a black background as it looks quite nice and they have some nice tiles some code in the background and that looks quite nice what we could even do is add the background a filter and just blow it a little so if I go to blur and move this up a little as you can see that blows the background so I think that looks quite nice to have a blur to be honest I might leave it like that that's fantastic so yeah that is a few different designs which we have made in this website called canva comm and this will just make you want to start using em for yourself as you can now see how easy you can use canva to make some fantastic and high quality designs so yeah that's all for this video thanks for watching thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next one good bye.

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