Using __repr( )__ function

Using __repr( )__ function

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June 29, 2020

I: Introduction

An introduction is a short description of the topic. It must be short and concise, but also written in such a way as to capture the attention of the reader and motivate them to read on. Every paragraph should start with a sentence that starts with a topic and ends with a hook. The first few words of your introduction should tell the reader what the article is about and be interesting enough to keep them reading. Introductions generally use one of three forms:

1) A general statement about the subject. This is used to introduce articles that are about a large concept or category of things 2) A problem or paradox that this subject addresses 3) A quotation about the subject

II: Body

The body of an article can be further divided into two sections. The first section should be your argument, while the second should consist of every thing else you want to say about the topic. When writing your argument, make sure to focus on one specific aspect of the subject. Don't try to include everything at once.

III: Conclusion

The conclusion is where you sum up what you said in the body. Be sure not to just repeat your main points, but rather draw out their implications, show how they relate to other things, or mention any other information that you might have left out of the body. You should also avoid simply ending your article with a statement that repeats what you said in the introduction. Instead, try to come up with something new.

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