Membership Test of Tuple

Membership Test of Tuple

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June 29, 2020

I: Introduction

The present age is full of technology and computers. It has become the necessity of the present world. Even we cannot think of our daily life without computers and technology. So, we should know about computers and computer programs. We will be able to lead a fulfilling and better life if we know how to work on computers. There are many programming languages available for creating or writing computer programs. Python is one of the most popular programming languages used by large numbers of developers. It is very easy to learn and understandable even by beginners.

II: Body

What is Python? Python is a dynamic and object-oriented programming language that is used by programmers for various projects. They can be implemented in operating systems as well as web browsers. It is an extremely high level programming language and therefore it is also known as a high-level programming language. It was first invented and released to public in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. Programmers use Python for various purposes such as web scraping, data analysis, scientific computing, etc. It is open-source software and therefore it can be freely used and distributed by anyone.

Nowadays, the term ‘Pythonic’ is used to indicate the art of using Python features in a manner which seems native to those who already use Python well, rather than those learning it.

Features of Python:

It is a dynamically typed language. It supports multiple programming paradigms such as object oriented, imperative, functional and procedural programming. It allows the programmer to choose any one of them which suits him/her best. It is platform independent i.e. it can be used from any kind of operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Unix. The syntax of Python is simple and readable. It is easy to install and use software packages developed in Python for free unlike other programming languages such as C/C++ which have a much complex syntax and much difficult installation methods. It has an interactive mode which allows the user to execute statements immediately without going through a compilation process. Python is a general-purpose language which means it can be used for almost any purpose that a program can be used for. For example, simple Python programs may be used as a calculator but complex programs may be created for developing games etc.

III: Conclusion

In this way, we have tried to introduce you to the world of python programming language. In future, we will come up with more interesting tutorials on this topic so stay tuned!

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