Example of ValueError exception

Example of ValueError exception

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June 29, 2020

I: Introduction

Python is the simplest programming language that can be used to create any application. It has a wide range of applications for students, schools, universities, research institutes, and companies.

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language that can be used to develop web applications as well as mobile applications. Python is open-source and anyone can use it for free. Python is a high-level language and can be used as a scripting language as well as a general programming language. It is designed to be easy to read and understand and it is also easy to learn.

II: Body

A: Example of valueerror exception

ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded

The error occurs when we try to convert a string into a json object. ValueErroris raised when we try to assign an invalid value to a variable or attribute.

B: Learn python basics for beginners

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and it has various uses. It is helpful for students who want to learn the basics of programming. Python is also popular among developers and they prefer Python over other languages like Java and C++. The reason behind this preference is that Python is simpler and it allows them to build complex applications quickly and easily. Many big companies like Facebook and Google use Python in their production environment. It is one of the most popular languages among developers and it can help you build powerful apps.

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