Sales video example

Sales video example

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October 19, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Landing page conversion rate optimization

Small business marketing has changed drastically in the past decade, with the rise of new technologies. This has created many opportunities for small businesses to get their services or products in front of more people than ever before. Business owners are looking at their financial situation and asking if they should outsource their marketing to a company. Many of these companies offer SEO (Search Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.

II: Body

A: Sales video example

Some companies will pay to post on Google, Bing, or Youtube. They hope that viewers will become interested enough in the product or service they are advertising that they will click on the link that takes them to the actual product or service being sold. The hope is that when they arrive at the site they will be enticed by what is being offered there, and want to buy.

III: Conclusion

The benefits of using landing page conversion rate optimization are many. The cost is often much less than paying for TV or newspaper ads, so you can market your product or service for less money. You also have the opportunity to customize what is being offered to your customers. With most TV and newspaper ads, you have to accept what you are given. With landing page conversion rate optimization you are in control of what is being offered, and can make changes whenever you want.

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