Comparing our work to existing titles/subtitles & your exercise

Comparing our work to existing titles/subtitles & your exercise

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October 19, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Choose a landing page; go to the website and identify what you think is the main goal of the page (conversion rate optimization).

B: Explain why you think this is the main goal of this page.

C: When writing about conversion rate optimization, be sure to include references to specific elements on the page that may facilitate the task; for example, “the call-to-action button is large and immediately visible” or “the form fields are labeled and the labels are only one word each” or “the page has an image of an actual product that is being sold” etc.

D: The purpose of this page is to encourage users to take some action, whether it is to purchase something or request more information.

II: Body

A: Create a table comparing your title/subtitle with an existing title/subtitle.

B: Explain why your title/subtitle is better than the existing one. To do so, you will have to describe how your title/subtitle helps readers understand the contents of the article. How does it “hook” readers? What makes it unique? What evidence do you have that readers find it appealing?

C: You may also want to create a table comparing your introduction with an existing introduction.

D: What are the differences between your introduction and the existing one? Which one do you think will give readers a better idea of what they will read in the rest of the article? What do they contribute to your article? How do they help you achieve your purpose?

III: Conclusion

A: Write a conclusion that provides a summary of your main points.

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