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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Marketing Your Instagram Account

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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back today in this video I'm going to tell you some mistakes which you should definitely avoid when marketing your Instagram account and creating your Instagram account so let's get straight into it so first things first a big big big mistake is people that don't have a link in their bio if you don't have a link in your bio you can lose a lot of attention to your website or well the link so you can lose a lot of attention to wherever you want to send people to on that link so I personally have the website tag brick training dog hold it UK if I don't file link there people can't see it to click it of course so that is with big disappointment and another thing is not having a bio so if I don't of all this text here so the text saying why you should click on the link click on the link below for a free SEO ebook download if I don't have that there people wouldn't want to click on the link and if I don't have our slogan there people won't know what we're about so by the way our slogan is the part that says the ultimate online course is for beginners or professionals now if I don't have that there people won't know what we are what we do and if I don't have a part below people won't know what the links about so you need to make sure you have a bio to describe your page basically so yeah it's very important very very important the next big mistake people make is taking a low resolution photos that look horribly pixelated and bad quality and people just won't like them and share them or comment on them or anything so just make sure you don't do anything to do with bad quality images as bad quality images are the horrible horrible way to go and you won't gain any followers or any attention to your posts that way so always always make sure you have high quality images inconsistency is something which I do not recommend I recommend that you are all consistent when you post on your Instagram page so inconsistency is the next thing that I think is a very big no-no and a very bad thing to do when trying to market your Instagram account so if you're inconsistent I say you're posting once every week and then you stop posting once every two months that's very very bad you want to be a lot more consistent you want to stick to your once every week or even once every two days or once even every day there will be a lot lot better posting once a day they'll be fantastic next posting at the wrong times is a big mistake as well make sure that you do some research as to the time you should be posting in order to get the most amount of engagement otherwise you will not get followers you will not get likes and once again you will not get comments so yeah you need to make sure you post at the right time do not post at a long time posting at the wrong time is a big mistake now we're going to talk about the text in the images so for example in this image here with the Instagram logo and just a brown background you can see what it says about it so as you can see or whatever written is coming soon so that's my caption coming soon so that's the quite a quite a little subtle hint that it's going to be something to do Instagram coming soon now by the way if you think that this image is low quality it's not it's just because my phone recording software is low quality so yeah sorry about that basically what I'm trying to say is do not write long long long content so for example I've just got coming soon you can do 2 or 3 lines possibly 5 but 50 lines or just tons of lines of information in your Instagram post is too much so don't despite paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs in your image caption so make sure you have a lot of text but make sure you don't have too much text so the next thing to avoid I'd say is avoid using too much text if you have too much text be blunt good read it and it's going to click off your photo and they won't like your page and they won't like the image so yeah that is definitely a thing to avoid the next thing I would definitely recommend everyone to avoid is making your Instagram account private this way you will never ever have anyone follow you like the amount of people that request to follow people that have a private Instagram account is literally no one compared to the amount of people that follow people that don't have a point for Instagram account so just basically don't privatize your Instagram account privatizing your Instagram account is a big no-no and you will get a fraction a fraction of the amount of followers that doesn't privatize their Instagram account for example if I privatize my Instagram account I'll get no more followers in this people request it and I accept it that'll take time that would take me having to accept every single person that would follow me and yeah so that's that make sure you do not have a private Instagram account that's very very important and finally not responding and engaging with your followers is a big no-no so for example if people are commenting and I'm just ignoring them or if people are sending me DMS and I'm just ignoring them that is a bad thing to do so finally what I'm trying to say is do not ignore people always reply always be happy and respond to messages you get from other people if someone is asking about a product or service that you offer make sure you answer them as you could lose a customer so yeah that's that there are some simple mistakes which I think you should definitely avoid they're quite common mistakes which a lot of people do make but always always avoid making those mistakes so yeah that's that avoid those mistakes and follow my advice thanks for watching thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one good bye 

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