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Complete overview of the Instagram User Interface

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Hello and welcome back so in this video I'm going to give you a quick but very detailed overview of the entire Instagram app so let's get straight into It's so first of all going on to my social Media folder on my iPhone and click on Instagram like so and here we go so We've got my Instagram page here so That's just at the bottom right if you Click on your profile picture you will See your own Instagram page at the Bottom left if you click the home icon You will see everyone you follow and all Of the posts that they've made as you Can see you can just scroll down and Have a look at all of them and after That you have the search icon this is Where you can search for different People different hashtags different Locations and things like that and then We have the little plus icon in the Middle with a rounded square around it That one in the very center of the Bottom and click that and you can post a New photo as you can see this show the Pictures you've recently taken this had A copper tile recently went past me House so I for taking a picture of that as It looks like quite an Army's type Helicopter so for you I'll take a picture Of that but you can select any image you Want for example, I select this if you Click the icon in the center of the screen on the left, which is like a Circle with an arrow at the bottom of it And the right and the right of it so Like this little icon here that has two Arrows on it makes it so that the Image IVA is square so that it shows per For the audience to Graham or so that It's full size, so you can see the entire Image and then we have the boomerang Which you can install to make photos and Videos which well video sorry which just Loop basically like the snapshot loop A feature so they let's loop around and continue going on and on and Then after that we have Thea little sort Of collage little image so this one just Here and with that you can combine all Your photos or a certain amount of Photos and make a little collage which Looks quite nice and then finally we Have the select multiple so that you can Select more than one image to post Instagram which is awesome, but we're not Going to do that right now Some can we click next because that is The next step for posting a photo so Next and then here we have filters so Obviously you can click on all the Different filters to make your photo Look different all these different Styles you can add different filters it Makes it look very nice It really can't change it up quite a lot To be honest, so depending on which one You pick obviously so I'll pick this and Then obviously you can click Edit in the Bottom right, you can adjust the Brightness, contrast anything like that And obviously there's so many different Settings but I never normally use any of That and that's obviously you really Want to edit your image, but I don't want To some was going to skip that so click Next Okay, so here is where you will type in a Caption for your photo you can tag People in the photo you can add a Location so for example if you're at Like a shop you can tag the location of Where you are if you're taking a picture Of a shop or anything random like that You can post it to your Facebook page if You've got it linked to your Twitter Page Tumblr which is all awesome and Then you can also click on advanced Settings and make it so that people can Not comment on this photo and I'm not Going to do that so I'm going to go back And I'm going to write a caption so this Is just a test dot and okay and I could Tag someone if I want to but I'm not Going to I could add a location but I'm Not going to if I click this little Button here it will post to the black Book training Facebook page, but I don't Want to do that either and all I'm going To do is click Share so just click the A top right button that says share like so And there you go So now the photo has been shared so if I Go back to the bottom white button and Click on my profile picture like so It'll take you to your profile and here You can see that the new photo is added For all of the photos that I've posted so Here we go this is it and this is the One that I've just posted here we go you Can see that it says this is just a test And if you tagged someone when someone Taps on the picture the little tag will Appear showing that you have tagged Somebody so yeah, that is, that here's a Few of my other photos so we've got just Like this discount coupon we've got ours Twitter barcode so if you scan this You'll follow us on Twitter which is Awesome same with snapshot so if you're Scaring this you'll follow this and Snapshot and yeah So we've got quite a few photos you've Posted so far you can see that our very The first photo was our first logo which was Just plain boring and pretty rubbish too Be honest and now we've stepped up a bit And we've got a nicer logo I'm quite Happy with this one so far you might Change it sometime in the future, but not For now, but yeah, that's that the next The thing we have is the little eye At the top left which is a little person With a plus next to it so this just Suggests people for you to follow so as You can see these people some of them Follow me some of them are new to Instagram like that one at the bottom There and yes, so there does people that Are discovered so Instagram thinks I Should follow them, I want to so I'm Going to click back again, I'm not Interested in that and then at the top Right, there's a little circle with a with clock hands on it so this is archived photos I've not archived any posts so there's nothing there so that's blank and then we have four little lines which is like a bar chart so click that and you can see all the insights to our Instagram page as you can see it's not it's nothing crazy as we've only two Started actually marketing I reached we Have account properly, which is why it's All quite small numbers at the moment But give it a few weeks and those Numbers will have a few zeros on the end Of them so that's awesome so yeah that's The main the main part of it of course We can use the promote button to promote Your page the edit profile too of course Edit your profile like so you can just Tap on any of these fields and edit it so that you can just change the information in there and then click done and it will save it or click change profile photo you can change your profile photo or anything so yeah that's awesome you can have a look at all of your images in the same page so you can just scroll down and if you click that that little button there you can look at the photos you've been tagged on by clicking the little person in a frame and that shows where you've been tagged and then finally saved photos and of course we've not saved anything so there's nothing there but yeah that's where it be if you save anything so that's that so that is pretty much everything we have another settings icon next to the edit profile just here so if this you can just edit all the more in-depth parts of your account so for example you can clear your search history you can add an account you can log out you can look out of all accounts you can look at the privacy policy adverts all sorts of different things mobile data usage linked accounts as you can see we've got our black pre-training Facebook account linked nothing else is linked as it's not too important the only reason we have our Facebook account linked is because we have a business profile on Instagram that we can pretty much just have the email tab here and we can also promote stuff so that's basically the benefits of being a business profile so that's pretty awesome really but yeah that's main it to be fair you can search just by going to the search icon and clicking search you can search by top you can search people tags places anything it's really easy to do it just takes a few seconds to do the search and anything comes up and yeah so it's great so that is Instagram that's pretty much everything you need to look at that's pretty much everything you need to know about the layout the overview the of the user interface and now you know how to go places how to look at everything through go to the homepage and click on the top part you can post a story so if you see where it says stories just here I can post a story if I click on my profile picture that's there and by clicking on it and it will just open my camera as you can see I got my messy keyboard in front there something's going to click back off of this or you can view somebody else's stories for example courser which is like a peripherals The company they do keyboards, mice all sorts of stuff like that so if I click on theirs there we go so they're an event they've got a nice new keyboard out and it is on their story so that's that and then they got people excited to win things so they obviously doing competitions so if you can see which is quite cool and we've got tons of different people on here so yeah that's great and then at the top left once again this is just how you post your story and it's just another way to do it which is nice and easy and then the top right we have a little a Psych a paper airplane to be honest, I'd say it's what it's like and basically it's direct or private messages whatever you want to call it and as you can see this is direct messages so you can send a message directly to somebody that you want to so it's a private message no one else can see it apart from you and the person you're talking to so yeah just click send a message or the plus or the top right and find someone to send a message to and yeah that's nice and easy as well just talk and click the send button and that's just sending a message to someone so yeah that's that that is the complete overview of the Instagram app that's pretty much all you need to know of course this is our profile black book training you can follow us if you want to but you don't have to of course and that is that so thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learned a lot and I'll see you in the next one

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