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Picking The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Okay so welcome back one more thing that you will have to do for your Instagram account and how to make it looks the best you can make it look is picking an awesome profile picture now on Instagram all you have is your profile picture you don't have a banner or anything like that you just have your profile picture and that's all people see other than obviously the pictures you post so your profile picture it's very important to make sure people like your page and click on to your content to see what you're all about so I'm going to show you a few different other people's profile pictures and just give you some inspirations so let's start with the rock as you can see he just has a picture of himself so if you're just a personal person and you're not a brand post a picture of yourself quite a quite high-quality picture which people will like and make you them want to click onto your account so yeah that's a picture of himself now Chris Pratt he just has a picture of as you can see like some water so and the Sun so that's not very good in my opinion he's famous so he's gonna get followers anyway so once again here's another company his razor so this company creates gaming peripherals and computers mice keyboards all different things headsets loads of them feints and this is there the logo so if you're brand create an awesome logo and that can brew you up that can be your profile picture and that's how people will know who you are they will see your profile picture they will see your user name and obviously they'll know that that is you so yeah that's another awesome one and here we go so this is the CEO of Razer it's a quite a high-quality image of him as his profile picture and in the background, he's standing in front of a wall which has the Razer logo on it so that is a perfect profile picture in my opinion so that is perfect so free to scroll down here we have battlefield you can see that they've recently released the battlefield 1 game so their profile picture is the battlefield one sort of promo image so that is awesome as well as he fantastic to be honest so yeah you can always update it if you're releasing new products you can have the logo for that product or even the image of that product yep so that also helps you represent your product as well so here we have the view to me, udemy has their logo Skillshare their logo all these different big companies that have their logo as their profile picture so of course if your company use your logo or a different version of your logo for example as you can see this is our logo but we've got a different version of it so this is our actual logo but from our profile picture we've got a sort of a nice design with our logo in it so yeah that's that so all these different places they've also got their logo some of them just like us have got a different design of their logo's not the actual logo you can have more than one version of it but it's still the same logo of the course and then we have GitHub this one's quite nice they have their logo but they've adapted it nicely into their Instagram profile picture that is something I recommend because their logo is that cut but of course, you can see that they have made it look in this perfect circle shape so yeah a good thing to note is that Instagram profile pictures are a circle so if you've got language will not fit in a circle the shape you would need to update your profile picture 100% so as you can see we've got Vin Diesel as you can see he's just got a picture of himself a famous person once again so his profile picture, of course, doesn't matter but that's a good one if you're a person you need a high-quality image of yourself if you're a brand or business you need a high-quality logo or of course your brand product or anything like that and you probably coming out even so yeah that's that so yeah that's all y'all need to need to say for this for this video's just a little quick video about your profile picture and it's really quite simply what anyone reviews it's just either a picture of themselves a picture of their brand or if they say pet account a picture of that particular pet like an animal and yeah so that's that hopefully, you enjoyed this video hopefully you learned a lot it's just been a quick one thanks for watching thanks listening and I'll see you in the next one goodbye

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