Learn Online How to Switch Personal Instagram into a Business Account for Free

Convert Your Account From Personal To Instagram For Business

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January 20, 2020

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Welcome back this is just gonna be a short video and I'm just gonna be showing you how to switch your Instagram account from a personal account to a business account so let's get straight into it so first of all as you can see I'm on the main Instagram page of my profile just here so from there I'm just going to Click the little settings cog next to the edit profile button so the not the edit profile button the one next to it to the right which is I quit settings one so I'm going to click that and they're going to scroll down to where it says switch to business profile so I've just got that highlighted just here you can see so you want to click that like so and then click continue and just read all the different things so you can get insights about your followers and see how your posts are performing so that's awesome you can reach your customers create promotions on Instagram to reach more customers and build your business awesome you can get new contact options so you can have buttons on your profile so people can contact you once again that's awesome you now have to go through the process of setting it up so, first of all, you just want to make sure you're signing a Facebook app and click Choose page and once you've done that you just want to pick the Facebook page that you want to connect to your Instagram account so I'm gonna click the black brick one at the top here so here we go a black brick so click that make sure it sticks and then click Next and then you want to set up your business profile so you can add an email address on here so I'm going to add supports at black brick training code okay so that is our support email address support at black brick training tool Cody okay I'm not gonna add in a mobile phone number or any or an address sorry so I'm gonna leave those two blank but you can do both of them as well so I'm going to leave them blank and then we'll go to the top right and click done so if you want to add your mobile number or your address business address you can do that but you don't have to so now you've done that it will say welcome black book training you can now create promotions and learn about your followers find new contact options on your profile so click continue and then go to your profile and click edit profile and if you scroll down you can see contact options to see how to highlight it just there so click that and then here we go you can see your email address phone number and it's a dress so you can put in any information you want if you don't your phone number to be public you don't have to put it in if you don't know your email address to be public you don't have to put it if you don't your address to people if you don't put it in or what I've put in it's our support email address so I'm going to click back and then click done and then of course you can see on our profile you can now either promote so create adverts or you can see there's also a call to action which there is an email button just there just there as you can see just above all of our posts you can click that and send an email, of course, I've accidentally just clicked it so it's trying to send an email now I'm gonna click back there so yeah that's that that is how you switch your Instagram account from a personal account to a business account it's really easy it's really simple it's super helpful of course I also have the insights button at the top right so I can see all the information about the people that look at my page so we've got 73% men twenty-four seven percent women etc and lots of different information as well but yeah that's that thanks for watching thanks for listening to I hope you enjoyed this video hope you learned a lot and I'll see you in the next one good bye.  

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