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How To Optimize Your Instagram Bio To Gain Followers

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Hello and welcome back so in this video we're going to be talking all about how to optimize your bio in your Instagram account to gain followers or gain clicks to the link, even so, we have a very descriptive bio here so we have first of all the main description this short description or the slogan if you will of our business or brand so the ultimate online course is for beginners or professionals so yep that's our slogan and then we have another little bit of text which says click the link below for a free SEO ebook download so if you click the link to our website you will then load our website so here we go this is our website we have black brick training Cody ok here we go just like so and then you will have loads of different pop-ups we're probably going to get rid of some of them to be honest because there's a couple too many like so and for new users, they would see a pop-up which says if you put in art if you put in your email address or if you type in your email the address then click Submit you'll receive an email with the download link for your free SEO ebook and the top we have a banner type thing which says get our SEO course for just $10 hurry dear then soon and then if you click it it will take you to our SEO course with a link saying 10 pounds or 10 dollars depending on what your form of course so yeah that's doing quite well, to be honest, seven thousand eight hundred ninety-eight students and 4.5-star climb over that but yeah that's going off track so you just want to make sure that your bio is descriptive it drives people in its engaging and it makes people want to Click follow and it also makes people want to click the link below that's two very important things so yeah we're gonna once again have a look at the people that I am following so, first of all, we gonna head over and look at razor so they've got their slogan razor for gamers by gamers and then their website so there we go and then we have who should we have a look at let's see let's have a look at Corsair gaming so it says the leading source for PC components and gaming hardware since 1994 they then have their twitter at Corsair and they have a bitly link so let's have a look it will take you to to the door a competition which has ended so that's strange they haven't updated their bio link yet which is quite strange considering it's quite a big company over 500,000 followers, so they do it you need to update their links that are quite funny let's have a look at one more let's have a look at a see telltale games so they have story-driven games based on The Walking Dead guardians of the galaxy Batman Minecraft and more they have at telltale games crew not sure why they have that because it's not even a link so it's a bit pointless really to be honest with you and then they have telltale calm for such news as their link so this would take you to their website which is the news section of their website so episode 1 of Batman the Toto series is now on iOS so now free even so yeah that's quite cool so yeah that's that and finally let's have a look at you to me so they have their a short description or the slow gunner if you will so they have the online learning and teaching marketplace our mission is to help anyone learn anything so that is awesome and then, of course, they have udemy the calm which is the main website where you can buy and sell courses so that's fantastic so yeah that's the main thing that you have to do in order to optimize your bio to gain followers and to gain clicks to the link in your bio that's that thanks for watching thanks for listening to I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you learned a lot I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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