Introducing tracking link shortening

Introducing link shortening specifically for Amazon with Pixelify

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: now that you understand that if you promote Amazon products this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy off Amazon anywhere off on the web whether through Facebook ads on YouTube on Twitter on social media your website influencers anywhere you need to number one use a URL with keywords so you can rank for those keywords and number two use a URL shortener that's going to give you analytics and hopefully more robust additional features this is where a tool like pixel fight comes in this is their website right from them, this is their about page it says what is pixel fight so we go right through to the source and we're gonna go over exactly why to use this and then we're gonna start so it's a URL shortener but it's a lot more because it's not only that it has a retargeting pixel if you're not sure what a pixel is disregard that works, for now, temp 2 to help you understand this simply it's going to enable you to run accurate cheap retargeting ads to the best leads that you've already attracted on Facebook Twitter Google and LinkedIn all those ads and it's going to help you find new similar audiences on Facebook that you can advertise to so you so like you might for example run ads to hundreds of people and then build a profile of exactly the right type of buyer out of those hundreds of people the people who are the most engaged you'll build the right kind of profile through this URL shortener and through its tracking and then you'll be able to tap into millions of similar people on Facebook the Facebook knows that they're very similar to the profile you'll be sharing with them that's really what this explains now everybody knows there are URL shorteners like bitly but that's not for Amazon and it's not for running ads really it's not robust it's just very basic it's they're very basic account is free an issue with pixel Phi is that it's not free but really really really affordable if I go to their pricing page the starter package is 399 but it's actually the cheaper then that every free trial starts at $1 trial for a month so essentially free $1 is essentially free and you can just try maybe one of the first two accounts is all you need and by the end of the month you'll be able to tell is it is this helping you is this not helping you and if not you can cancel it so it's really a dollar and you get a really robust tool that I'll be walking you through that's made specifically for Amazon sellers promoting off Amazon because what happens with most people it's actually it's really hard to drive sales off Amazon for Amazon products but if this can help you either find the right way to promote for free or find the right way to pay to promote or help you eventually create those custom audiences that help you tap into thousands and millions of people on Facebook who are similar then you can drive a flood of traffic and sales to your Amazon listings have those traffic and sales shoot up in the organic results and dominate your niche and grow inside Amazon so if this works that would be that's amazing obviously it can be guaranteed that it works for everyone but this has the potential to be absolutely game-changing I actually already have an account with this site so I'm just going to log in and I'm gonna be showing you the insides of it if you're new to this just sign up Click the sign-up button and you basically will just have to spend $1 I don't know how long it will be this cheap but at the moment it's a $1 first month the trial so you're risking really only $1 and then so sign up and in the next a video we're gonna actually begin going over and I'll be walking you through how to use this tool

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