Introducing Google Ads bidding

Introducing Google Ads Bidding

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video at a high level we're going to go over the Google ads bidding options this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy now this is not going to be how to get clicks for a penny but this is going to be explaining to you how to basically choose the right building strategies for your goal so if your goal is conversions leads or sales that's something you directly choose when you set up a campaign with Google Ads then do you have a few options now you have an option for target ROAS roas stands for return on adspend meaning like if you spend ten dollars you want to have a return of a hundred per cent which means you're gonna make twenty dollars right that's the kind of bidding strategy another option is a cost per acquisition maybe you have want to acquire a lead for a certain cost and so maybe it makes sense for you to bid that way for example maybe you have some maximum cost per acquisition that you just cannot pay more than that so those are your options they're essentially similar things you're just basically trying to target certain ad profitability you're just getting there in a different way the other option is to maximize your conversion so for example if you have a budget let's say twenty dollars and you want Google to try to maximize how many certain conversions you can get for that budget that's another way to do that and then you have enhanced CPC which is basically allowing Google to just do their magic if their algorithm things that a little tweak here and it is good for what you set then you let them do that those aren't the options now your goal can also, be clicks you can bid to maximize clicks or you can pay-per-click in my experience you don't wanna maximize clicks because that's gonna turn into lower quality leads I mean you can get clicks for a penny but maybe they're just bad leads so you want to be careful of that and of course, you can choose your click prices manually with the hope that you'll get the best lead for the best price you can also have as your goal views and engagement a lot of this is for YouTube so for example you set a cost per view like a maximum cost per view this is similar to cost per click on Google search but the cost per view is far lower these are typically pennies or you can bid on cost per engagement this is something with lightbox ads which is a specific kind of an ad and you or you can choose impressions if your goal is to get impressions again it's for your website or YouTube videos then usually that's for a wide reach for branding like if you're trying to get sales there's a small business that's typically not what you want to do because you want traffic that buys rather than just knows about you and not buys so if you're doing this for a big client who just wants branding that's great but it but generally you actually want to reach people who are closer to buying and not so much targeting a wide reach but in any case so you can set an impressions goal for you know you can bid on a thousand impressions so that's another option and again if you're a small the business I try to first focus on your sales and leads because those are closer to resulting in revenue but it's obviously it's totally up to you and it really depends on the type of situation you have because anyone watching this can have wildly different situations so at the end of the day it's up to your best judgment for what fits for you.

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