Introducing and Facebook Pixel

Introducing And Facebook Pixel

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's begin exploring how to set up your ads and it all starts with your ad goals this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and that can be confusing because some people will tell you well you should drive leads or some people say Oh get traffic to your website or some people will say get branding or some people will say you need direct sales or email signups and there's so much noise what do you do how do you decide what you need in your unique situation well let's break it down if you need some basic action for example download a free app watch my video just take them to that action right it's really simple sometimes they can watch the video right on even on like Facebook or sometimes they're one click away from the app or the one click away from going somewhere where you need them to go if that action is simple and often free what you do want to be careful of is just driving basic traffic that has no particular goal in mind, for example, like I'll have traffic go to my website but what are they gonna do there so you need some kind of conversion the event it might be email signup it might be a purchase it might be an app download some goal that is concrete so that you can structure your entire ad around that goal starting from the targeting to the form of how you actually create your ad and everything in between so you need a conversion of something you define the conversion event it might be a sale it might be an email signup something like that now if it's an impulse buy maybe like something under ten dollars that people don't have to think too much you can take them right to the sales page sometimes the impulse buy is precisely not the goal sometimes the the impulse buy is not the goal but actually the beginning of a funnel because it's rare that in case your product let's say is ten dollars that you'll spend under ten dollars to convert cold traffic to buy that ten-dollar product what really is often the goal is to sell the $10 product in the hope of that product pleasing that consumer so that consumer goes on to buy more of your products maybe something higher-end maybe your $100 product maybe but your $1000 product and if a person does that then guess what if they bought a $10 product then went on to buy a $50 product then went on to buy a thousand dollar product well they just spent a thousand and sixty dollars with you so for that type of a more complex multi-tier funnel sure you can spend fifty hundred two hundred dollars if that's possible in your ecosystem of how you sell so sometimes it isn't possible to sell like the dream is often to spend five dollars but tell something for ten dollars or spend five dollars but at least sell something for five dollars in one cent so you can keep on doing this but if you have more products to sell or more services to sell that are higher and later in your sales funnel then you can spend way more you can spend a hundred dollars to make a ten dollar sales knowing that somewhere down the line that consumer might spend a lot more money so so impulse buys aren't actually that simple so sometimes they're the end in themselves but it's better if they are not and then there is you know the bigger decisions right if your goal is really let's say to sell some thousand dollar product or five thousand dollar product then they're not going to then your consumers are not going to buy that, oh you know like on day one right they'll see your ad hello I'm so-and-so I don't know you by my $5,000 thing that that just doesn't happen so you need to warm them up with the funnel can either start with free email signup like a free giveaway so that people give you their email to get it or in fact with an impulse buy of something small but still good so that they enjoy that and then they feel comfortable moving on to more expensive products of yours so these are the basics of how to think through what's the end result and goal of your ads and once you have taught through this then when you create your ads you'll know exactly how to target the ads in the right way to achieve your goal.

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