How to start work with business page in Facebook

How To Start Work With Business Page In Facebook

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So far we've been exploring the Facebook business manager and specifically this business settings area this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy but if we click on the top left here in this business settings you will see that there's a lot of options and we've just only been scratching the surface in the business settings what we want to make sure is that we have our profile and ad set up and the page set up and that's what we did here so far so now that we have our page and we can see that we have a person who can manage the page we can start doing more with the page like running ads but before we run ads the ads have to be on a page that looks good that looks professional you cannot just run ads on some kind of a bear page that doesn't look very professional or good because it will just turn off users and they're not gonna respond to your ads it's gonna be a turn-off and it's gonna cause a lower conversion rate for your ads so we will do is we'll start setting up our page what's gonna happen is we'll go to this top left we'll click that and we're going to go under this area of creative manage we'll go into the business manager and you'll see that in the business manager, you have that page that we added and when we click the page it's going to take us to our actual page so we can edit parts of it here I have some bear items if your page is now what you will need to do is add an image that is your logo the icon and you will need to add the cover image these are very important a few other things that are important is to populate the page with at least some posts and you'll see on the right side you have I have at this area that says no rating yet you want to get colleagues or friends or clients to add a couple of ratings maybe you have a story maybe you'll have a few other things so that your page will start to look professional and active now a few tips on this you don't want to have an image like this for the banner you want to have it with less text and maybe something more visual more visually appealing and in your logo area it really depends on how you want to brand things for some businesses you want to have your face there like if it's a personal branded business you want to have that if it's a brand like Amazon or something you want to have the Amazon logo so essentially the logo of your brand here and they're really easy to set up all you do is essentially mouse over and in my case, it would be updated because I already have something in here in your case it would be like adding new the same thing here you can click the camera icon and you can change it to whatever you like so these are the basics of what to add to your page to make it begin to look professional and active.  

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