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Starting to use Pixelify by creating a campaign

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: here we are in an absolutely fresh pick safe me account this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy there's absolutely no activity we're going to be starting from absolute scratch so what I wanted to show you is on the left side you see all the options your campaigns tracking codes and links I campaign is what we're going to cover in this video campaigns are specific things you want to promote so let's say you want to promote some product that's your campaign under one campaign you can create a lot of different links you're promoting a lot of tracking codes things like this but it's all under that campaign so to create the campaign you just click the plus button here plus create campaign then it's going to ask you for a campaign name I'm going to promote my fundraising book and I filled out the forms basically what I'm saying as the campaign name is the fundraising book campaign so that it's easy for me to reference this and I'll immediately recognize it if I end up creating multiple campaigns and the notes for myself really what I'm gonna be looking to do is to create a lot of activity on Amazon around this book so that I'm gonna be looking to move up from page four in Amazon SEO, that's my current goal for this and then I click create a campaign now that your campaign is created that was the first step in the beginning to use this tool in the next videos we're gonna we're gonna cover further topics like how to create tracking codes and links that you can then go and promote.

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