How to setup tabs on your Facebook page

How To Setup Tabs On Your Facebook Page

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you how to set up the important tabs on your page this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy now tabs are something we're used to seeing come across your page but in this case the tabs are what you see on the left side there's almost like a menu and you see here I have way too many things on the menu in fact I just added the shop button here and what I'll show you is how to add and get rid of things here so what you would do is you would go to your settings and in the settings you would go to templates and tabs and by the way you can edit a lot of things you just look through everything I don't I'm not going to cover every single item here because it will just take too long and it will be boring for you and a lot of them have less importance but the tabs are important because they are very publicly visible and what you want to do is you have some default types of business tabs right now we have like a business default but you have you can have a like movie shopping for different kinds of purposes in our case what we did is I added this shop you see like if I go to offer shop you might have you might remember that was the order of the items the tabs that I had on my page and so you want to add and remove the ones that are appropriate for you like he wanted to add a tab you can say let's say notes I'm gonna add a tab notes and let's say the jobs I want to remove yes I'm gonna click settings on the jobs and I'm and I'm gonna say don't show that and I'm gonna say save so now that we did that let's go back to our page see you see we added notes here note and there's no more jobs so what I'd recommend is that you get rid of most of these and only keeps the ones that are relevant because when there are so many of these users have a hard time understanding what they really need and then of course let's say you have a shop in this case I just added the shop for this example but in your case you'd fill out all the all the shop properties and items and options so that it looks like a great job with the right products for you and then when you promote things see things fall into place because let's say you get a user to come to your page from your ad well they can have many options they can buy things they can go to Instagram your Twitter they can go to your website so there's a lot of things for a user to do take it they can get very familiar with your brand they can browse a lot of things they can do a lot of things so now every penny you spend with your ads has a bigger potential of outcome because now you're adding all the right details throughout your page and you're creating a stronger sales experience and a branding experience so now you know how to set up the tabs on your page. 

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