How to setup new Google Ads account

How To Setup New Google Ads Account

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video we're going to start signing up for Google Ads this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy i created a completely new fresh account for doing this so if you're starting with your ads this is what you will see when you log in if you have a gmail account you already have an email that is going to work across all Google services so in this case I made a new gmail when I came here I basically went to ads that and I got here if you didn't get here you might see this screen this is ads that slash home and you would essentially go start now and it will take you to the same screen so in either case this is the starting point they ask you what's your goal and you answer a few questions so they can get to know a little bit about you this is just that count setup we're gonna decide what we want is it get more calls for a business that's typically for some kind of a local service if you haven't kind of some kind of a website you would say here like let's say you're selling some product or anything any kind of blog you would say that that would be the option and of course if again if you have more of a local business then of course people visiting your local your location in our case we will say just for now we'll say get more website signups and you can change this up any time you will enter your business name and website and click Next then they'll give you a few questions to answer find if you want to find customers near where you are you give them a radio Slits a five-mile radius or even maybe a three-mile radius to start you see wherever you live more make more of a radius make sense in my case if I'm I'm currently in Manhattan so it doesn't make sense for me to go to New Jersey so I'm just gonna give it a smaller radius and you will see that that thing going down and so that pretty much is going to work for me so a four mile radius may be a three mile radius perfect and then I'm gonna say next you can set up additional areas we don't need that now again this is all gonna be you're gonna be able to change any of this we just want to go through this quickly then define your product I'm gonna choose small business coaching just that's what I do we'll leave all this we can again we can change it so we're gonna click Next we'll just click Next here this is the ad setup we're not gonna run this ad really we're just gonna kind of get out of the Google setup steps the point of this is really just to finish up with the Google steps because they kind of force this on you a little bit and it's not bad to set us up to at least walk through the steps but really we're gonna be walking through all the details of it eventually but but we're gonna be creating our own custom ads shortly for my ad I'm just gonna put my image myself just because it's a coaching business then they tell me I have a minimum budget I need to satisfy of 165 per day that's fine I'm just gonna give it two dollars and then click next this is all ok next then you have to add your credit card for example you'll add your payment method I'll add this on my own and skip this so obviously I don't want you to see my credit card number then you will click accept and you go to the next step then they tell you congratulations your campaign is done they'll review it and usually within an hour if it's approved you'll be able to edit it and any way you want one important thing you do want to write down or keep in mind that for this they do offer relatively good customer service does not offer your customer service and Google is known for like we don't offer you customer service but if you are an ad customer if you run ads on them you can actually use a free customer service line and if you have any questions or confusion they will actually fix that for you so this is actually a good resources to use whenever I have any inconsistencies or a question I call them it's annoying of course to call them it's a it's a hotline so you have to wait but they do usually resolve your queries so it's helpful now in the Explorer campaign very importantly before you start running your ads see how it has enabled here you might not want to run the ad so you take pause the campaign so it doesn't start spending your money yet so you want to pause it and then when when they fully approve your account and when your account is all set up you'll be able to do more things.

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