How to setup Google Pixel

Setting up the Google Pixel

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video let's begin setting up our Google pixels this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so it's very easy to navigate to you go to tools on top and you find this audience manager right here click that and unite your the audience has already set up that I have we're gonna ignore this for a second you're gonna audience sources you click that and they give you options of where you're gonna track things like YouTube or your ads tag or your Google Play if you have apps so we're just gonna go to Google ads tag and the Google ads tag is something that we're it's gonna give us a little tiny code that users don't see but Google is going to have us add to our website and what's it once it's on our website Google is going to be able to track our visitors and it's going to enable us to retarget ads to them through that tag so we're gonna set this out so we're gonna click on set up the tag then they give you options of only tracking people who visited your site or tracking people who visited and then did some action like maybe sign up for email or clicked on some button things like this, if you want to just retarget general traffic that would be a bigger audience and more people and if you want to track people who perform specific actions that would be a smaller audience but it would be an even better targeted audience because we'd be more assured that these aren't just some random visitors these are people who are actually engaged in some way so for now since we're just heading this up let's just try two people who visited and we're gonna check that and click Save and continue they give you some options for how to set up your tag we're gonna choose this one basically if we click this they're gonna give us a little snippet of code it's gonna be JavaScript code we're gonna paste that into our website HTML and then that code is going to be able to track things that happen on our website if you email this tag are basically good we're going to go to maybe some freelancer that you're gonna hire to do this for you so if you're working with a freelancer you email them this and if you using the google tag manager which is kind of like a more advanced place to manage your tags, for now, we're not going to do that but this is a good thing to do if you're heavily going to get into retargeting and managing your pixels and managing custom audiences then this would be a really good place to manage this from because this will give you a centralized place to manage them but for now we just have one code so we're gonna click this in the US instructions the instructions are that there used to be a Google ads tag but now it's been replaced by the global site tag which is exactly this that they're giving us and so we're going to be able to just copy this I just press control C copy and then we have to you say they you see they they tell us place it in your inside your header and HTML tag for every page of your website that you want to track so I copied that you copy it and save it click continue and you're almost done so now let's go into the HTML of your website and add this code and then check if it's working so this is the HTML of my website and you see I'm in the header tag and you want to do this somewhere where the change is global but I'm just gonna show this to you in one place so that was the header tag the end of the header tag is like right here you see the end is denoted by this slash symbol and again if you're proficient with HTML you're gonna be the one doing this if not you're just gonna give it to your webmaster or whoever edit your website and they'll do it it's pretty easy and here you have this Google tag pixel and now we have a new one so we're going to actually get rid of this is older and get rid of this and then I'm going to paste the one that I had see it's really simple so instead of the Google tag we got global site tag and I'm gonna make a comment that this was old and this is comment so it's just for me for future reference and this is the new one you save it and so I'm gonna save it and you're all set up to make sure that your tag is working it says check your source status in the audience sources page so we're going to audience sources and we've got our details of our tracking and it says obviously that your Google tag hasn't been active in the last 24 hours a little just set it up so give it a little time maybe you visit the site have somebody else visit your site so that it starts to collect some information and then you come back to this and then it should be all fine and beginning to collect data and once it's collected leaning to collect data these are your website visitors we're going to be able to show ads to them even if they are not on our site we're gonna be able to show these retargeting ads to them if they're on other sides competitors sides we're gonna be like hey here's our ad come back to our website buy our stuff something like that so that's what we're going to be doing in the upcoming videos.

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