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Setup Facebook Business Manager Account

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're going to begin diving into business manager we've already covered this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy many of the benefits of business manager just a couple more benefits are that you can get multiple ad account why is that necessary well what happens if one of you are at accounts gets banned or by accident you do something wrong well if you if you were using just one from your personal profile that would be it but here that's just one account but you might have many accounts and you can run different kinds of ads so if you did something wrong in one of your accounts you can still recover because you can have many ad accounts plus you'll be able to access all your analytics and tools in one place inside the business manager so let's get started with it on the top right you see there's a button to create an account they'll ask you for a couple of things your business or account name and this will be visible across Facebook so you want to give it your name or your brand's name I'll give it this just as an example in your business email where Facebook will send you notifications I'll just type my email here and press next because I don't want to expose my email in the video the next screen will ask you for some basic details like your address your business phone number and your website again I'm going to fill this out and you should fill this out too and I'm going to press submit I'm not gonna show what I'm filling out because obviously for privacy reasons but any but basically just fill out this basic form and press submit after that is going to ask you to confirm your email address so you'll get a confirmation email to your email once you get your confirmation email you open the email you click the button that says confirm email and it will take you to a screen just like this and you will see that on the very top here you will say your email address has been verified so we have just set up our facebook business manager and in the next video we're going to begin using it.

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