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How To Create Lookalike Audiences

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's begin working with something really effective on facebook and that is custom audiences and custom conversions this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy with the set up of the pixel and with the set up of the initial ads we've actually been working up to this moment so now the moment has arrived oh you know that kind of moment that we have here so you go to business manager and for me it's under frequently-used but we'll go to custom conversions but really the custom conversions is under measure and report also and it's you know your pixels and you have your custom conversions here we'll click that and what's going to happen is you can click on data sources and what you will see is that your pixels that you've made or pixels that I've made they have been working in the background to collect and gather some data so this is interesting because now we're going to be able to run ads to audiences that are similar to the audience's that have come to our sites so what we'll do is let's say we're going to click on one so let's say we're going to click on an audience like this audience we're gonna click on details and under details we're going to say create an audience and this is going to be a look-alike audience obviously for this account that we're using and we're going to go next and the look-alike audience is going to be exactly from this pixel that's the whole point of us creating the pixel or at least a major point of us creating this pixel and you might want to select a audience location like I might do United States for example and then the next tricky part is select the audience size which might be a little confusing so if you read this gray text here it's a little small but what it really says is that the smaller percentage of your look-alike audiences the more accurately they reflect the type of audience that you have so if you extend this broadly you'll start seeing that the estimated which is bigger but a lot of these people are not as ideally targeted so you want to keep this small at the 1% level and then you say create an audience and that's going to be the audience and then you say yes create audience once you create an audience recall that when we set up our ad you see before originally we were setting up cold audiences which don't convert that well because they don't know about us but these audiences at least we are targeting them better because they are look-alike audiences so in your ad set there is an area for audience and you see you have a drop-down for use a saved audience you can choose one and then you basically just choose one that we created and then you run an ad not on you see like we used to just pick people from suggestions and browse and we guessed what they were like maybe they liked small business maybe not in this case we don't have to guess because Facebook will give us the look-alike audiences and that's why we use the pixel because the pixel is the way for Facebook to create a profile of our audience so that they can create a look-alike audience for us and when they create a look-alike audience for us we can create an ad that targets specifically that look-alike audience and right away our traffic will have the reassurance that the traffic we're getting are really good traffic now the only caveat is is that you have to have enough traffic like real good traffic that has shown an inclination to convert or buy on your site because you don't want to have Facebook have if they have a too small of a sample they're just not going to be able to run the ad they'll give you an error message like your sample size is too small if they get a sample size that is big enough but it's wrong like traffic that doesn't bar they'll bring you more traffic that doesn't buy but that just would be a mistake because you don't want traffic that doesn't buy you want traffic that actually has proven to buy so once you have those two things profile of a traffic that buys and big enough sample set then Facebook will get you literally millions of other people who are very very similar and that is a much better ad to run then an ad for cold traffic.  

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