How to create ad account in Facebook

How To Create Ad Account In Facebook

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're going to create ad accounts in your Facebook business manager this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so you're gonna go and click on add accounts and it's gonna tell you that you don't have accounts yet because we're just setting this up and we're going to add account no just like with pages you see that you have three options you can create a new account you can add an existing account maybe in case you were using one from your personal page or you can request access this would be if you were doing this for from a club for a client in this video I'm gonna show you two ways first I'm going to add an account that's an existing account and you have to do that by your ID the way you would do that is you would click this and it would ask you for an existing account ID if you don't know what your existing account ID is you will go to slash abs slash manager slash accounts and you will get your ID and you would copy that and then you would paste that right into that form so here we are in this form and we're just going to paste it here and we're going to add account and you see it's that easy we have just added our existing account now what if we don't already have an account let's actually create another one so we're going to click add accounts and we're gonna click Add and we just did this we just transferred an existing account from a personal account to our Facebook business manager but now but you can create multiple add accounts in the Facebook business manager so let's actually add a new account so we click that and we're going to give an account name let's get problem oh let's do that and then we're going to give that time zone and the currency then we'll click Next and they'll ask you whether you're doing this for yourself or for an existing client and of course in your case whatever is applicable that's what you select if it's for your business you create click for your business and then you say create ordinarily, this would create your account in this particular case what has to happen is you have to have enough ad spending and that your current account to warrant Facebook to allow you to create an extra account so they have a requirement on spending before you can create extra accounts but in any case so now you know how to either create a new ad account from which you can run ads or how to transfer an existing ad account from a personal page to the Facebook business manager so you can manage it all in one place here.

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