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Faceboook Ad Goals Strategies

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January 29, 2020

I: Introduction

The small business marketing industry is booming, and there are many ways to sell products. As of right now, influencer marketing is the best way to advertise your product. But why?

II: Body

Let’s be honest for a second, you are reading this article because you want to know how to market your product on amazon. Well, I have great news for you, this article will teach you all the secrets I have learned from selling my own products!

I have been selling products on amazon for almost a year now, and I have learned that influencer marketing is the most effective way to sell.

First, let me tell you how it started. I was just a regular college student working at the campus library. I’m not going to lie, most of my life was pretty boring. But one day, I decided I wanted a new laptop. So I went on amazon and searched for a laptop.

When I found a few laptops I liked, I noticed they all had a ton of reviews from people with verified purchases. Some of them were even from people who had reviewed over 500 products on amazon! These people, called influencers, had a lot of followers on their social media accounts that they used to promote products. They made thousands of dollars every month doing it.

I decided to contact a few of these influencers and ask them if they would review my laptop. Now here comes the fun part! The vast majority of them said yes!

Once they put up a review for my product, they would promote it on their social media accounts, which in turn would make sales fly in! This is the best way to market any product on amazon! You can get more sales than you ever imagined!

III: Conclusion

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