Facebook page call to action button

Facebook Page Call To Action Button

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to go over a couple of other things that is important to set up before your beginning you can begin to use your business page this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and run ads on it so the first thing is you want to add a button and depending on what your business is you can add an appropriate button, for example, it can be to shop with you yeah shop now and then you can post a link to your website or shop on a specific page so that's optional if you just want traffic to your website for people to contact you that's also optional to contact you or to book an appointment with you here may be a coach or some kind of like an advisor so maybe you want to promote your app or play your game so there's a lot of things that this is the call to action button so you just want to set it up and whatever is appropriate for your the business you just go through the steps of setting that up and you'll have this call to action button maybe by now and that will take people to the sales page so at least you'll have a chance to generate some extra sales with this button also, you see they keep urging you to promote you see this promote button you should never promote here because now you know better because you've got to go through the Facebook business manager and then the ad manager there so never fall for this but what I do want to show you is on the left side here you have this about the area and that's important to fill out for a couple of reasons because you get to enter your website your business page is going to be a public page so the website that you enter it's actually going to give a tiny tiny tiny boost to your website's Google SEO ranking tiny boost and the more popular and more highly trafficked your business pages the more that's going to reflect like Oh a popular page is linking to your website and so then it's going to give you a bigger boost for your SEO and you can add other accounts for example, if you have it you want to edit about you this is where you're going to write a short description the description should be keyword heavy so for example, if you're a lawyer and people like it's a lawyer in New York well you should definitely say that here because people are searching for it it might come up so your brand the type of service and where it is if the location is important for some businesses location is not important if you can service people all over the world but generally you should add proper action boots about you so that people can discover you by searching Google often Google pools information from the About section and lists that in even in Google search not to mention it's gonna appear in it's gonna help you rank in Facebook search although Facebook searches less commonly used to discover new content people usually use Facebook search to look things up that they already are aware of but nevertheless is going to help you and the same thing is here on the right side tell your story tell people about your business tell them why you're in business what's your path what's the passion behind this anyone adds yourself as a member and go through this and see what makes sense for you I mean here is this ad menu if you're not a restaurant you don't need this but see what makes sense you definitely want to add your business details start date pretty optional and then just go through all these and fill them out and last I just want to kind of quickly get back to this edit other accounts area because you see you can add account then you can add all kinds of accounts right your Twitter your tap chat YouTube whatever so this is for cross-promotion so when people come to your Facebook maybe they'll see that and then maybe they'll come to your Twitter and follow you there so you'll cross populate your audience and have a bigger reach across platforms too because it's but it's great if people follow you on Facebook but it's even better if they follow you on Facebook and Twitter so don't miss less of your updates so these are some of the other additional important fields to fill out before you are ready to start running ads for your page.

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