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Introduction and what to expect from the course

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Welcome to the course my name is Alex and I'll be your instructor, I sincerely appreciate the time and trust that you putting into me in this course, this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and I'll do whatever I can to make sure you get a lot of value from the course starting with I answer ninety-nine per cent of student questions within 24 hours and I regularly hold office hours where you and I can actually have a one-on-one conversation about your business now let me tell you what this course is all about so you see that you know what to expect it's about influencer marketing the right way what's the wrong way well most people they just go like I don't want to hire an influencer and hopefully they get a a million views that's it right like hope for the best kind of thing but you can't hope for the best because we're doing fluent search do there's so many fake influencers or like half influencers that like they give you a tiny bit of promotion but way not what you pay for that's the danger of influencer marketing it's usually like not very good the results are not that     good so what we're gonna do in this course first, we're gonna measure and track their promotions then I'm going to show you how to find and vet influencers to kind of tell which ones are fake influencers which ones are higher or bow then I'm gonna show you maybe how to pitch them how to negotiate with them a little but not too much this is not placed where you want to negotiate too much but some so you get a good deal on promotion and then if because you're tracking their promotion you'll be able to tell if their the promotion worked out and if you did you can work with the time again and again and again and again every time you have a new product or maybe at some time past you can work with them you can hire them again so you'll be building up a database of influencers with whom you can work profitably and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about okay so you got a lot of traffic some bought time didn't buy you gotta bring those people who didn't buy you gotta to bring them back so we're gonna look at how to run retargeting ads to bring back that traffic that supposedly the influencer gave us a lot of traffic we don't want to lose them the people who didn't might even want to make them come back so we're gonna show we're gonna walk through how to run retargeting ads to bring them back and that's gonna be our course about influencer marketing so very few things, before we start, is going to ask you for review sound at some point very early in the course, it's not me asking for a review students get confused by that a lot of students email me they say like why are you asking for user early it's not me destructors don't really like that students get confused by that but you to me gives you a pop up for a review, of course, I'd appreciate if you gave some love to the course if you have some issues with the course or some things are confusing or it's not enough sending me a private message most of the improvements in the course are from students private messages where they tell me hey can you improve this and I do a lot of the improvements literally come from students giving me feedback and one point about the subtitles in the course if you're using the subtitles they are auto-generated meaning I tried some they're gonna have problems they're gonna have some errors I try to fix them there's no way I can fix them they're just auto-generated and just the mistakes there are some mistakes that it misses here is the words so I tried to fix it I couldn't fix it so if you're using the subtitles I thank you for your patience with them I appreciate it and one last thing all the videos in the course are in HD if your videos are blurry which can happen it's a settings issue most of the time on the bottom right of your video player there's like a gear button you press that and you set it to something like 720p play around with the settings if you one of the sightings would probably make it crystal clear because the video should be crystal clear for you and with that, I think we've resolved all the technical issues so let's get started.

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