Cold vs. Warm ads strategies

Cold Vs Warm Ads Strategies

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna talk about a really fun topic of warm versus cold ad traffic this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy because there are a really common really really common mistakes I would say it's a hundred per cent of the time occurrence mistake when first-time marketers try to run their first ads they think that they're gonna create an ad and then run it and a lot of new people will see it and those people will go to their website and that traffic that you get will buy but there's a problem here a very fundamental problem where cold traffic does not buy these people that you're gonna run your ads to they just learned about you they don't know you they're not going to buy or at best they're going to rarely buy so what's going to happen is you're gonna spend ten dollars in ads to make fifty cents or a dollar it's gonna be incredibly disproportionate in most cases not in all cases because all cases are just such a wide variety but most of the time this is exactly what happens called traffic needs to start trusting you they don't trust you nobody buys from anybody who they don't trust yet you need to build a relationship build trust with them so the secret and driving sales is to warm up the traffic so there's a couple of strategies to warm up the traffic strategy number one retargeting ads these are the ads that follow you around I'm sure everyone has been to a website where you've gone to a website like Amazon you clicks on a product and then the ad for that product follows you around the web you can set up the very same thing these are called retargeting ads and they only show up for people who have already come to your site or visited some property of yours maybe your Facebook page or something and they're not cold they've already seen you maybe they've engaged to some degree so they're a little bit warmer so the clicks typically are cheaper than traffic is cheaper and they're typically more highly engaged and they buy at a higher rate the challenge with them is that usually for a small business there's a small an audience of people who have already engaged with you there's not a big pool of people to run these ads to so yes it's a great thing to do for almost any business bring back people who have already visited your site sure but it's it's not going to be the groundbreaking strategy on its own because it's just a small amount of people we can drive to our site with that so solution number two look-alike audiences and by the way we'll be doing strategy 1 and 2 in this course so don't worry about it I'll actually walk you through the steps and I'll show you how to set these up so they look look-alike audience is basically you give Facebook a sample of your current audience your current traffic and then they profile that traffic and they send you similar traffic that is kind of like the traffic you're already getting but new people and then you have them visit your site and then you run the retargeting ads to them this solves the problem of that small sample size because Facebook is gonna get you a large sample of traffic based on the small example you gave them and so this is look-alike audiences audience that looks like yours but Facebook has probably millions and millions of similar types of people so now you'll be able to get more traffic that way now let's talk about strategy number three combining a few things so collecting email is the next step because if you do that look-alike audience strategy and you have people come to your site and you have them sign up for your email newsletter now they're engaged more you can send them your regular emails something called an autoresponder perhaps where you have a set of automated emails that are pre-written that people get a sequence of emails maybe five maybe ten to kind of warm them up to your business so you send those emails and use the retargeting ads yeah so they're much more engaged you're hitting them from at least two sources the retargeting ads and the emails and perhaps they send up their social media maybe not but at least the and then you do this to this large sample set of people and over time they have a higher chance of warming up and buying especially as long as they don't unsubscribe from your email newsletter, you can keep sending them emails and your goal is essentially not to so much sell immediately with the email but to give them value somehow like real value not like here's my basic ebook so value not how you conceptualize it but a true value for them where they go oh wow this is great and then, of course, the trust is built and they'll buy over time and perhaps they'll buy a lot of things over time so that's the strategy for ads you see it's not the initial one people think oh I'm just gonna send people to my a website with ads no it's really a more complicated situation and we're gonna go over this all except for how to write your emails because this is not a course about that but everything else we'll cover and I'll walk you through exactly step by step.

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