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Ad Placements: Automatic Vs Manual

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June 15, 2020

I: Introduction

Influencer marketing is a tool used to sell products on Amazon. It is an effective way to generate sales. Influencers are people who are influential in the niche they are promoting. This can be everything from Instagram to Youtube to Bloggers. It takes personal research to find the right influencer to use for your product. They will have to be part of the market you are selling to. Influencers come with different strategies that can be used effectively to promote your product. There are two different ways to use influencers, the automatic way and the manual way.


The first way to use influencers is through an automatic strategy. The automatic way uses bots which are programs that search social media sites for hashtags or certain names or keywords. They are able to locate these people with hashtags even if they don’t have an account on the platform they are searching for. When they find them they send a message through direct messaging or through a comment on one of their posts. The message will say something along the lines of: “You post about ______ and we sell it, would you be interested in working together?” It is best to put the influencer’s name into the message so that it is easy for them to recognize what you want. If they do not answer back immediately you should not try again, because if they didn’t answer once it means that they don’t want to work with you. If they do respond saying yes then they will fill out a form sent through direct message or through an email provided by the bot. The form asks for basic contact information and their social media accounts. You can use this information for finding out where they live and other demographic information about them and their followers. The info you receive from their accounts can be used as well as the responses from the form. If there is a good match between your product and their followers then proceed with setting up a deal. You can also let them know what you would like them to post as well as what day and time will work best for you.


The second way to use influencers is through a manual strategy. This strategy uses people who have created Twitter lists or follow certain hashtags on Instagram so that they can find people who match these requirements. You can use a list of hashtags or a list of Twitter handles and follow them so that you can see what kind of content they post and who their followers are. This way you can see if there is a good match between your product and their followers. After you have found someone that matches these criteria you can reach out to them via direct message or a comment on one of their posts. To start off this process you should create a draft message that explains exactly what you want from them and how it will benefit them, but make sure this will not make it look like you want too much from them. For example, if you only want a picture of their product with a caption, but they will get paid for it, do not mention that in your message, let them know after you have agreed upon all the terms of the deal. Some influencers may charge more depending on how popular they are and how many followers they have. If they don’t ask for any type of payment then you should pay them something because if not then it looks like you are using their fame without giving them anything in return for it.

When doing manual outreach, you have to be very specific when communicating with influencers, so being friendly and being clear about what you want is very important in this process. With automated outreach, the bot usually does all of this for you, so it can be a little easier, but when using manual outreach, it is important to stay open minded when dealing with influencers because when it comes down to it, people are unpredictable when they have no obligations towards anyone else. This process requires more time than the automated version but in my opinion it is worth it because it lets you get in close with influencers and understand what kind of person they are before agreeing to a deal with them.

II: Body

Ad placements automatic vs. manual

There are different ways of placing ads on social media platforms whether it be Facebook or Instagram or even Youtube videos. These different ways will vary in effectiveness depending on the size of your budget. The most expensive option is using influencers with large followings, but this also gives the best results because their followers are already interested in what they have to say. In addition, these influencers usually have connections with other influencers who might be able to help promote your product even further by giving more exposure and creating more connections within the niche community. Finding top influencers within your niche is harder than finding top influencers generally because there aren’t as many general influencers and everyone knows who they are so it doesn’t take long to find one online if you spend some time looking for them on Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook or wherever else there might be a group of people who could potentially help you advertise your product on social media sites. You can also use automation tools such as Shelfari, which calculates how effective your ad will be based on its relevancy and cost per click (CPC). When using manual ad placement, I recommend testing multiple placements until you find one that gets the highest engagement rate and the lowest CPC possible, but make sure it also has a lot of views and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments and likes and shares and likes and comments! (okay sorry about that) also, I recommend testing two placements at once just in case one ad placement stops performing well then at least you still have another one running that is getting views, shares, etc. You can also test different times of day or days of the week when your ads run to see which days get the best results when using manual placements versus when using automatic placements because even though you are spending less when using manual placements it doesn’t mean that someone isn’t going to try to steal your market share because they are spending less money than you are so if you are seeing an equal amount of views when using manual placements then try lowering your CPCs slightly to compete with other ads in your niche because if someone else has something similar then many people might click theirs instead of yours knowing that yours costs more since manual placements cost less than automatic placements. If someone else continues doing that then lower your CPCs further until your ad starts beating theirs every time until eventually you are beating theirs by 30-40

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