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HTML Heading Practice

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January 08, 2020

this course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello guys this is a liquid and welcome to a stable basically nurse in this lecture I will show you how to create a HTML document and input heading on HTML document at first you have to open notepad plasma software simply double click on it previously we are created in this a stable now you have to close this a stable document simply click on close now you can see a blank document at first you have to input HTML structure yep input doctype HTML HTML tag HTML start then HTML close now click on in the middle of the HTML tag and press enter now you have input attack in the middle of the HTML tag head start then a close click in the middle of the a tag is some inter then click after he tag the presenter and start body jack body start their body close the dirt start and cougar cruise now I ought to titled that in the middle of the heat tag so I am clicking on here and inputting title it will start little close now IRB good title in the middle of the title tag diving you have to click in the middle of the body tag you have being put a stable heading tags at first I only input a sonntag so with our ace on start and a son a some clothes now I undo in boot heading in the middle of the a sore tag this is first heading then I are doing put these two tag so I am taking on here and inputting a stood at this is my first heading then is to close then I'm pressing enter and inputting h3 tag h3 start h3 close and clicking on here and including heading in the middle of the h3 tag this is my Fast Eddie putting h4 tag is for tag start then ace for tag close this is my past Harry pudding is fight tag is v tag start then is fight tag close this is my first painting now I only put the last heading tag last honey daddy's a 6 and a 6 start then a 6 close this is my first ad at first you have to practice like this to set this document click on save icon if you look very carefully you see the the wind patties on the web design folder ice I created in that desktop I am just including 5 named Eddie then I have to sell the sceptile after we find the hypertext markup language file you have to select this hypertext markup language file ice is known as HTML you have to click on Save button close this document and close the notepad plus plus software now open the web design folder and right click on ready HTML file move your mouse pointer 1 open with you can select any brother from hell I want to open it with Google Chrome so I am clicking on Google Chrome now you are able to see that HTML headings this is the Isan tag this tag is bigger than any other hidden tax time this is the h6 tag this tag is smaller than any other heading tags I hope you're able to learn about a stability tax see you guys in my next lecture.

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