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Underline Practice

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi guys welcome back in this lecture I will show you how to use a stable underline tag you have to open notepad plus plus software at first you have to type a stable structure doctype is teaming then yep input HTML tag stable tag start then a stable tag close now click in the middle of the HTML tag then press enter now type it hit tag start then hit jack close body tag is start then body to act clothes the footer footer tag is start then footer tag closed now click in the middle of the head tag type the title tag here the title take a start then here idle deck closed now you have to put that ideal in the middle of the title tag just click on yeah and type that title this is a practice of HTML [Music] underlying tag now click in the middle of the body tag then press Enter now European boot is stable underline tag yeah underline tag it start then here underlying tag close now click in the middle of the underlined tag and tie this is a piece of HTML on the line as usual you have to save this HTML document click on save icon then select desktop find the web design folder from the desktop just open it select the file name and type on the line you have to sense the save as type just click on here select the hypertext markup language file click on save the HTML document is successful except on your computer now you have to close this HTML document click on close I go then you have to close the notepad plus plus software now open web design folder right click on on the line a stable file you can select any browser from here now I on to run the HTML document do it Google Chrome so I am selecting Google Chrome you can see the a still doing the successfully run and the HTML underline 10 is working properly I hope you are able to learn how to use HTML.

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