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Step 1 Q3 What are the special features?

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Question three asks what special features do you provide, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, now the thing to remember here is that features are not benefits the turbo engine is a feature but speed is the benefit that it gives so let me just give you some more examples so a feature is a four-wheel-drive truck whereas the benefit is that it's suitable for alterations another example of a feature would be more miles per gallon whereas the benefit would be that your gas will go further and family another feature is home delivery free home delivery and the benefit that will save you time.

You're not having to visit the star so save your money as well now the thing with most businesses is that they get distracted by features and they don't look at it from the custom point of view but I talk about this in a way of getting into your customers shoes walking their footsteps so when you're walking in your footsteps you're focusing on the features when you focusing on the customers footsteps you're focusing on the benefits and it's really important to make that distinction so in question two we looked at the benefits now in question 3 we're looking at the features so what would the features be of an estate agent well this estate agent says that all the houses will appear on our online directory that home has over 22,000 monthly visits from interested buyers so the online directory is a feature and we also email your house details to everyone on our database of buyers and there's currently 1500 now that's a feature features deal with the facts and then finally another feature would be our agents offer export viewing times seven days a week from 7 M til 10:00 p.m. so again another feature it deals with numbers it deals with facts it deals with their details now when we put all of that together into an answer that's gonna make quite a quite a long sentence so what done is I've broken it down into two answers so the first answer is we pride ourselves on flexibility.

We offer assisted viewing seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. to accommodate everyone's work patterns well that's a great feature it's a great selling feature of estate agents and then if we put the other facts together the other features about the website it would look something like this all listings are instantly sent to our database of 1,500 plus interested buyers and enjoy a premium listing on our busy property website that gets over 22,000 monthly views so we've got two answers there answer three and answer 3b so it's just a look at the air again that's we pride ourselves on flexibility and assisted viewing seven days a week and then answer B which is all listings are instantly sent and it focuses on the website so there's these two answers to the question in question three now it may be that you don't have that much information and you can just get one answer but in this case, I thought we'll put together two answers and it will give you some insight into how to deal with having that extra information so that's question three and there are the two answers and we'll go straight on to question four.

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