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Step 1 Q2 What are the benefits of what you are selling?

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Question two why do people like to do business with you, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, that's a great question and it's all about the emotional content of doing business with someone what the benefits of doing business with you how does it make them feel what do they really like about it now to help you answer these this question number two again you can make reference to the who why when where what and how that will help stimulate some answers and if you're doing this for a client you could ask the client you know why do people like doing business with you that's a really important question to ask and it's really important for you trying to actually know the answer to that now if you promotes in your own service it's important for you to know why people like to do business with you because that really is at the centre of what you do and how you do it so let's look at some answers that would be typical of a local estate agents so typical answers would be we are a local business.

We know the local market better than anyone so we get personal service our experienced agents personally take care of everything so people really feel as a bean looks after and then we market and sell homes quickly at prices above the average for the area which means the benefit is that people actually get more money for their houses when they're sell-through Peak estate agents and just like in question 1 we're going to put all of that into one answer and keep it quite short and that answer would look something like this our experienced agents know the local market intimately and will do everything to secure the best price in the shortest possible time now can you see that is absolutely loaded with benefits and every reason why someone would like to do business with peak estates okay so it's question 2 and there's your answer in green and we'll be coming back to that at the end of this process but next we'll go to question 3.  

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