How to use this course to get the very best results 

How to use this course to get the very best results 

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Well I think it's time we got started so what I'd like you to do is watch all of the lectures in case study one, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, this case study is based around the local estate agent and it starts by asking five very crucial questions about the business these questions are answered and the answers are added to a template and the template can be downloaded so you'll get a download of the transcript with the actual answers in we also get a download which is a blank fill in the blanks for you to use our later date for your own projects so watch each of the lectures see how I ask the questions and then watch our I edit those answers by first adding them to the script matrix and then editing the final script ready for a voice-over artist once you've watched all of the lectures for the case study. 

One I'd like it to watch the lectures for case study two which is for an e-commerce business now I've condensed all of the process that you've watched for case study one a condense that down into just three lectures for case study - I believe that repetition is great where to learn but I don't want you to get bored watching the same process going on for two different niches when I can condense this all down and help you really embed that information into your brain so watch all the lectures all three lectures and then finally the script that's been turning to a voiceover and video at the end of that case study for e-commerce and we'll be ready to get started on the next step this is where the rubber really meets the road I want you to take the blunt template the fill in the blank template that you get with case w1l case turd - and stats are filling urine answers for your business or for your project once you've answered all the questions you'll be requested to add those answers to the script matrix follow the instructions and you'll be ready for the next step the final step in the process is to edit your raw answers to create a conversational style script.

If you want some ideas on how to create your own videos section four has five videos that show you the exact method I use to create slide videos headshot videos and where to find a good voice-over artist at the very best price now that you've created your amazing video script you'll be ready to start production on your video and finally see it comes to life by the end of this course you will be 100% confident in your skills because you'll have seen everything happen in micro detail I really do go into the finest detail of creating an amazing video script so enjoy it practice use your own business as an example maybe practice on somebody else's business and write a script for them the important thing is that you do practice and you do enjoy the process the more you do this the better you will get I've written over 500 video scripts and no two are ever the same I thoroughly enjoy the process and to see the final results is so satisfying and so rewarding and the great thing is also will bring you amazing results for your business more sales more conversions and more satisfaction that you did it yourself enjoy the process and have fun and thank you for choosing my course.

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