How to Make a Video Presentation in PowerPoint in 5 Steps

The exact method I use to create slides for my videos

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Creating a great video to promote your scripts your business is all about preparation , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, and I think it was the great actor and martial artist Chuck Norris who said if you failed to prepare you prepare to fail and that's so true when it comes to making videos so what I wanted to do in this video is to show you the process that I use personally to create simple videos now this video cost me less than $15 to make and it's a very simple video and it communicates the script very very well I've actually paired a voice-over artist on Fiverr to do the vocals for me and I've created the slides that you're about to see I've created those in an online design service called canva that's c-a-n-n-a calm and in total the actual stock images that I bought have cost me $4 so combined that price with the price of the voice-over script which cost me around about $10 have actually created this video for less than $15 all that it cost me really is my time so let's jump in and look at exactly how I build a video before I get it into the video editing suite the video editing suite that I use is Camtasia but this method that I use could be applied to any video editing suite you could use this in PowerPoint you could use it in a free online video editing I like tears yet.

I'm used to using it so that's the one I'm going to demonstrate with in the next video but this video is just about the preparation so as you can see I've highlighted the lines of script so that you can keep up to pierce with the parts I'm talking about so the first line is the introduction to the audience so that's for homeowners in the P District who want to sell their property quickly at the highest possible price now that gives me an opportunity of putting the brand of the company that we're going to be talking about in front of the viewer so this is the this is the slide that I've created we're talking about peak estate agents and this communicates that perfectly it's their logo now what I usually do is create a slide per sentence upon this occasion I just wanted to get across the fact that peak estate agents are a very rural company so I've created another slide and if you look at this you'll see what I mean I've put the logo in again up in the top left hand corner but I've communicated that this is a very rural company and that will set the scene for the next slide which communicates a lot of contrast to that rural feel so those are the slides for the first line and then the second line who are worried about using national a national company that only have a website telesales agents and no regional offices now that's what they're worried about that's what your potential audience is worried about the worried that they're going to use a national company and they're not going to get that one-to-one service and that's what we've also come get it in the rest of the script so the slide I've created for that really builds on that contrast and you'll see what I mean here it's a big company look a big skyscraper an ugly building and then you've got lines of people just telesales agents in a call center the people who will never meet you people don't know your name even and then the picture of the globe to communicate the Internet they're floating in a black background again to give a feeling of negativity.

The houses are all very gray and boring so back to the script the next sentence is all about pika states there are a local family owned under state agency that's helped people to buy and sell their homes in the P district for over 50 years so the next slide that I've created to communicate that is this slide instead of a black background a nice blue that matches the sky you can see there we've got the peak as their agents logo on the sale board and a very business looking gentleman with his tie and his soup some on that you feel you can trust and then on to the next line of copy which is all about their agents who look know the local market intimately and will do everything they can do to secure the best price in the possible time so again I want it to reflect the that quality that you've already seen in this last slide I want to reflect that in this this slide as well so here we've got another gentleman stood outside a house nice flowers hanging basket and lovely plantation shutters are put the window you know a rural setting there is on the phone and I smile on his face the sun's shining but again he's looking businesslike with his folder and these are just stock images and as I mentioned that cost me $4 altogether for all of these images within canva so on to the next line which is again about the big chain agents who don't know the local area well enough so we're creating more contrast again and this next image shows an unscrupulous looking gentleman in his tie just waiting from to sign on the dotted line he's not really interested about getting them the best price you know his travel look from London and he just wants to get the signature on the dotted line and his commission and scoop back home to the city again the black background is a bit oppressive and it communicates that you know these are all people you want to do a business with so back to the PICUs dear agents who pride themselves on flexibility because they'll give assistive viewings and I've used the same image too as they used on the previous one but all I've done is flipped the image so not isn't first into the left now he's facing to the right and what I'll probably do when I'm actually creating this in Camtasia is that I'll put a speech bubble coming out and it'll be something about meeting them at 7:30 and it not been a problem just to create that flexibility and you know that they're willing to compromise and that they're a friendly business and towards the end now you know we've been through 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 this is another slide that communicates that whole features of the fact that you're going to looked-after you're gonna get sent to a database pika states that's looking the dark edge it's just Custer in a rural setting it doesn't mean that they're not in touch with the internet and technology so we've communicated that we've said that we'll gone to a busy website with all the over 22,000 month of use so the image I've created for this one is just to signboards awhile I'll put next to those signboards is the fact that there's 1,500 interested local buyers and 22,000 monthly views and I'll put that detail here where there's just blue background again I've used the same blue background I'll put the numbers here 20 2015 hundred and that will just appear on the screen containers you will give me the option of doing that so I've left this space up and so it can just fade in and it just reinforces the text as it's been read out so back to the script and then finally you know to sell your property quickly at the highest possible price so we're reinforcing what was said on the first line call PICUs they're agents today of visitors online so on this final slide I've put the PICUs their agents logo.

I've left space underneath to add their website address and their telephone number and what I can do in the actual video itself is just highlight those details as they're being read out by the voice artists so that's the end of this video and a little bit longer than usual but I just wanted to explain the preparation you know what I do once I've actually got my scripts written exactly why I do to start a career in something visual that perfectly complements the voiceover when that arrives from the voice-over artist on Fiverr now it'll already watch this finished video at the end of the case study for pika states if you remember that was the Burness lecture if you want to go back now and have a look at that you'll see all of this played out exactly as I've described and you'll see how it smoothly develops the story from the beginning right to the end thank you for watching I'll see you on the next video.

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