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Step 2 How to add your 5 Answers to the Script Matrix?

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Welcome to step two , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, in the peak estate agents yesterday now this is where we apply everything that we've done so far to the script matrix this is a really simple process and it's just a process of cutting and pasting your answers into a word or a notepad document so gati answers and copy answer number five that was the answer to the question who is your potential customer Pierce that at the top of the page and then underneath that pierced the answer to question number four that one was what would be the most commonly complained about thing about your business or service so then answer number one to question one which is what are you selling or promoting put that underneath the answer to number four and then the answer to number two underneath answer number one and then again answer number four the second or third answer that you gave to were to question four add that underneath that was what else would they complain about and then finally the answer to question number three what special features do you provide so pissed all of them in that order and then have it think about what the call-to-action would be what do you want the listener what do you want the viewer of the video to do next just give that some thought but you don't have to put that answer in yet okay so what you've done should look something like this so we can see that the answer to number five was homeowners and the PD streets wishing to sell their home soon at the highest possible price.

Then the answer to number four was the multinational estate agents are too big to care and only have a national website a call center and no local offices then the answer to number one peak states are in a state agency that helps people buy and sell homes in the P district and then number two our experienced agents have know the local market intimately and will do everything to secure the best price in the shortest possible time and then the other answer to number four they do not know the local mayor area well enough to properly sell its benefits and they're interested in a quick sale and not focused on getting the best price and then the answers to number three remember we add like 3a and 3b well we pride ourselves on flexibility and offer assisted view in seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. sorry 10 p.m. to accommodate everyone's work patterns all listings are instantly sent to our database of 1,500 plus interested buyers and enjoy a premium listing on our busy property website that gets over 22,000 monthly views so once you've all you've got all of that copied and pasted into the work where document we're now ready to take it to step 3 and that's editing the final script so you've done all the hard work and now this is where you can get that little bit creative to put everything together so let's go to step 3.

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