How I created The Estate Agent Video Part 2

How I created The Estate Agent Video Part 2

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Okay I've added the different elements to these slides now and we'll go through them one at a time , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, so the first element I've added is some text and this text just fits over the top of this slide and it basically reflects the voiceover artists what they're saying on that part of the actual video so it raises the question do you want to sell your property quickly at the highest possible price so it's a very positive message that people will see at the beginning of the video and then the next section if you remember it goes to the dark background which is the big multinational estate agents that people feel uncomfortable about dealing with and what I've done with this slide is that I've made it basically flow backwards into the background so as you can see as I pull the cursor across it makes everything get smaller which means that it gets less significant now as we come to the next slide I've done the opposite with this I've actually made this slide get bigger so as you see as I pull it the actual timeline along you'll see that the picture gets closer to you so into the next slide this is the this the actual sales agent.

Instead of putting any transitions I've added a speech bubble and that speech bubble simply says yes my aunt lives down that road see you in 10 minutes and that reinforces the message that the agents are local people who know the local area well now in direct contrast to that and we've got the contrast of the blue background as well as the contrast of the character within it we've put a thinking bubble on this one and that one says yes more commissioned for me is rubbing his hands all is interested in is a quick sale and that again is reflected within the narration from the voice-over artist so from the from the villain to the good guy we're back with the sales rep and another speech bubble that actually says congratulations they've offered the full asking price another Garrett contrast from the previous slide and then finally one of the last slides is where we sure that Peak estate agents introduces their sellers to 1500 plus interested local buyers and exposes them to 22,000 monthly views on their website if you remember and left this space here clear so that I could add these bits of copy to be introduced within the video timeline and then finally we get into the ultra as I call it the logo at the end and we add in there the telephone number and then the website address so if I quickly drag the cursor through this I what clearly the voiceover because you'll be able to see this finished video if you go into section 2 the case study for the local estate agent you will see a lecture called Burness the finished estate agent video with voice-over and graphics and that will show you the entire video in finished format saved as an mp4 but I'm just going to pull through this now and show you there they let the wedding appears and then the next section and then this section comes through all visually stimulating and then the actual speech bubble and then the unscrupulous is staged and thinking about is profit only and then the good guy again congratulate in a customer I'm selling the house at the full price and then the features of 1500 buyers on a database and the website that gets lots of views and then family the call to action and that's it completed so as you can see a very strong and visual representation.

When you add to that they the voiceover of the script that we wrote at the beginning of this process you can see that you've got something that is very effective and not only is it effective for conversions but it's also effective because you know it doesn't cost the earth to produce something like this so that's the end of this video remember go and have a look at Lee if you haven't already seen it go and have a look at the finished video and that will put everything into context okay white I'll see you on the next video and thank you for your patience.  

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