How I created The Estate Agent Video

How I created The Estate Agent Video Part 1

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: In the previous video I explained that I was going to show you exactly how I create videos using a tool called Camtasia, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, now whether you use Camtasia or any other video editing suite the process is pretty similar and even within PowerPoint you will still follow a similar process so first of all why do is I drop in the actual voiceover so I'll just click that and drop that into the timeline so there's the entire voiceover and it lasts approximately 1 minute and 5 seconds now when you look at this voiceover you'll see that there are gaps and these gaps are where the sentences within the script end so we can count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so there are 8 sections and if you remember from the last video there was actually 8 sections to the script basically 8 sentences so I'll just let you quickly listen to that first section there just to give you a feel for the style of the video so as you can see that's a nice clear English voice that I've chosen from Fiverr.

So the next step is to drop in the graphics so as you can see here I've uploaded all of the graphics that you saw in the last video that I created within Camp and the first graphic is number 1 so add to the timeline and that drops that in there if you remember I'm going to only sure this has been 2 and graphics within this one so I will move the timeline a long and hour like this second one in there and then I'm going to pull the back to roughly the gap because we're going to be putting a slight transition in there so I'm just going to pull it back a little bit more and that will sit there so that finishes when the voice-over artist finishes that sentence and then number three is where they talk about and the big national companies who don't really look after them so I'm going to drop number three into that position and number three lasts until the next gap and now I'm just going to move this across here and that will give me number four which is all about peak estates and now they've been established for 50 years and give a great service if you remember the gentleman there with the sale board promoting peak estates Lugar and then the next one which is the sales rep so we drop him in so there if you notice these are all sized exactly i selected a size here of 1280 by 720 and when i created these graphics with encumber I chose to create them at that size as well that saves a lot of time just little tricks like this will really help you create videos very quickly and when you look at the time now we've I've been talking three minutes

I'm halfway through career in this video it really is that simple so I'm going to move the cursor along to this point here and we get to the next one and that's showing the unscrupulous estate agent who's maybe based in London or somewhere like that we would basically create in a villain within the story so we move that across so there and then we drop in the sales rep from peak again and we pop him in there pull it across to the gap again okay and just keep doing that process let's see the actual voiceover artists as they read out each sentence there will be a natural gap that you'll see and that's a visual key really for you to when for you to drag and drop your graphics too if you remember on the last video I said I'm going to be putting some copy in here which we'll do in a second then finally the ultra where we'll give the call to action there's a verbal call to action on this which is to tell people to call Peak estates or visit them online and I'm going to put the details in there but what I want to do now is just go back to the very beginning and run through the process so the listener here's the first part of the script which identifies who they are and it introduces the company Peak estates it then introduces what the ten to complain about what the worried about the villain of the story which is the big national also really they don't wanna feel they're not feel comfortable doing business with because they know that just out for the cheapest possible price.

They're really not got their interests at heart than were introduced to peak estates and the trustworthy looking gentleman there and a nice blue background then we're introduced to his sales reps who again trust, where the guy is there on his phone, is making appointments but then again the villain comes into the story who's just out for a quick book and he wants to basically just get them to sign on the dotted line and collects his commission but then we introduce you know the good guy again who's being very flexible and you know organizing his time around the clients and everyone's happy and then we promote the features of the company so I'm just going to quickly go I'm going to stop the video and I'm going to go through and drop in some and some basically what I call call-outs so I'm going to add in these details and then I'll be back in just a second.

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