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E Commerce Script Step 1 Answering the 5 Questions 

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: In this case study we're looking at an e-commerce product and more specifically we're looking at a self-help book called never give up so let's jump straight into the first question, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, the first question asks who or what are we selling or promoting so we already know that that is a book it's a self-help book so these would be the answers that would give to question 1 so I am promoting a self-help motivational book called never give up it provides a hundred per cent practical advice about habits behaviour and mindset and it explains how to avoid distractions and overcome the obstacles to success sound that's a good range of information and that needs to be put into one single sentence or it needs to be condensed down more.

So let's see how that looks never give up is a self-help motivational book that delivers 100% practical advice on how to avoid distractions and achieve success excellent that's nice and succinct and then it covers everything that was in the previous slide so let's jump into question 2 question 2 he asks why would a customer choose this book instead of someone else's so there's gonna be good reason why and if you've done any research into the products well then you'll know that'll be some for because some good points some good benefits and then you know as we know of benefits and features we come to the features later but question 2 the answer to that would be it cuts through the usual self-help PS and gives practical advice about how to change that's good answer and it's based on the author's real-life experience after he lost everything and then rebuilt his life stronger by developing healthy obsessions and after working as a counsellor the author recognized key captain cat patterns of behavior behind everyday problems so that's a lot of information and but it can be condensed down into you know just one paragraph so let's have a look how that looks based on the author's own experiences of failure and success never give up quickly dispels the common self-help myths and starts by focusing on the bad habits and replacing them with healthy positive obsessions sounds very positive and you know that's but that's packed full of benefits so now we go on to question three question three asks what specific you know special features does it have remember features are not benefits a turbo engine is a feature and speed is the benefit so what are the features of this book okay so the answers to question three that it's written in short chapters that have a natural flow written in a conversational non academic style and refreshing insights and radical ideas that help shift the mindset it all sounds exciting stuff so let's see how that looks when we put it into just one answer so the answer to number three is written in an easy to digest conversational style and sets out in bite-size chapters the author presents fresh refreshing insights and radical ideas side by side that immediately starts a shift the readers mindset.

okay so onto question four question four asks prior to read in this book what are the common complaints about similar publications the answer to question four is a series of answers if you recall from the last case study we don't put this into just one big paragraph we actually leave these separate because of the way that we add them to the script matrix so the problems and complaints that people have of other cell phone books is that they're often written in an academic style the feel cold and lack empathy and most of them tell the reader what they need to do but not how to specifically do it and there's a big difference a big difference there and other books feel like there have been they're just rehashing all the ideas and presenting them as something new which can be quite annoying and I've read quite a few books like that and then usually leaves you feeling a little bit cheated so let's get to question five question five asks your potential customer is is who so we have to describe our target audience our target audience are people who want to change their lives and all aware that habits contribute to their problems they're also people who are willing to accept that habit forms the personality and personality creates their reality it's also people who were sick of self-help books I want a practical guide to making real change happen in their lives so to convince that down into just one answer.

Answer five says for everyone that's willing and committed to consciously change in their lives that's a lot of information in there and that is quite a powerful statement for everyone that's willing and committed to consciously change in their lives so we've got five brilliant answers there and what need to do now is just to move to the next section and remind you that within the eco s5 questions template you also get the blank tongue template for doing other eCommerce projects so not only do you get the transcript of this template you also get a blank one that you can fill in and I've also added and I call it a bonus and a finished eCommerce video with the voice server and graphics so you can actually see the finished products that we've gone through that we've built here you can see that in the context of a video in the next video we're going to look at how to add your five answers to the script matrix so let's go there now.

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