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Are you getting to know your readers

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy series.so now we're gonna talk about it's of really getting to know your customers or your readers and the main thing is we want to stop the guessing so assumptions are dangerous whenever we assume that we know what our customer wants and we don't enforce it by interviewing customers then that assumption is really hurting us because of we could be writing copy that doesn't apply to the people reading it so so often we think that because we see the world one way everyone else sees it the same way but that's simply not true everyone sees a different world and the only way to really know what your customers are thinking is to talk to them so it's really important to interview your customers and in customer interviews not only do you want to directly talk to them but you want to identify their pain points so these are the things that are frustrating them also whenever you're doing a customer interview you don't want to try and sell them anything and you don't want to bring up your solution because you might get a softball answer well they'll say they'll use it but they're not actually willing to pay for it so in these customer interviews you're really just interested in listening and discovering what their pain points are and pain points this is another word for their problems and not only do you want to do this but you want to interview multiple customers and that's because you want to get different perspectives and the more customers you interview the more perspectives you'll get but what typically happens is if you interview enough customers you're gonna notice a form of the commonality between all the customers and it's going to be a common pain that they all share and that's what you want to address in your copy but before we can even write any copy we have to know what that pain point is and we can't guess we really just have to talk to customers to figure it out now this is a pretty time-intensive process and if you're just writing copy for an email to a friend then this one applies to you but if you're writing copy for a product that your the business has been working on for a long time then doing this research is worth it because it's going to help you write much more effective copy that's going to help you sell many more products.

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