Introduction To Copywriting Presentation

The best kept business secret

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series to the copywriting course now I absolutely love copywriting I think it is one of the most underrated business skills in existence so what is copywriting is salesmanship in print it's using your words to sell something and you've actually seen copywriting multiple times on a daily basis any email that is trying to get you to take any action is a form of copywriting billboards that's copywriting landing pages for websites especially startups or software-as-a-service companies that's all copywriting brochures that are a lot of copywriting there too so the key point about copywriting is it's writing that is designed to make someone take an action and this was actually really popular in the 1960s when people would do direct mail campaigns so they would write sales letters mail these sales letters off to thousands of people and those people would purchase the products based on the quality of the sales the letter so originally copywriting sole purpose was to exchange money but with the internet salesmanship in print has grown tremendously or copywriting and what I mean by this is a lot of times you get emails that ask you to sign up for another email list but they're not asking you for money so the definition of copywriting has evolved and now it's writing that is designed to make someone taking action and actually you're going to notice this a lot if you go on websites, they almost always capture your email before they try and sell you something and that's because once they get your email address then they can use copywriting to sell their product to you and once they have your email they can contact you anytime they want and it's really easy for them to do so so why would you want to learn to Copywrite there are so many reasons you can literally apply it everywhere it actually helps you develop a customer focus mindset so the whole lesson that copywriting really revolves around is people don't care about you, they care about themselves and I know this can sound kind of pessimistic but it's really important and if we understand this we can actually use this to our advantage so people are always looking for what's in it for them just because you think something is great doesn't mean your customers gonna think it's great either it only is going to be great to your customer if they see how it can directly benefit their life and when you learn to copywrite it's like delivering your best sales pitch thousands of times so let's say you're a really good salesperson and you're working at a car dealership you can only pitch to around 30 to 50 people a day but if you're an excellent copywriter you only have to write your sales letter once and it can be distributed all over the internet thousands of times through emails you could do a direct mail campaign and that's actually still really effective but the point is once you write your sales letter once that's it you don't have to pitch again you've already written down your sales pitch and now you can just send it out and with the power of the internet there has never been a better time to learn copywriting and as you can imagine there is a huge demand for people with copywriting skills businesses are recognizing that they need words that help other people taking action and not only is the business to consumer market really needing copywriting skills but actually the business to business market really needs copywriting skills as well and there's a huge amount of people that have become freelance commercial copywriters and they're making a ton of money every year by writing copy for business-to-business sales so sorry if I got a little over well or I overwhelmed you a little bit but I really just think copywriting is an awesome skill and if you learn it now it's gonna pay dividends your entire life and if you're currently running a business and you're trying to sell more products copywriting is gonna directly help you make sales and just as a little tidbit one example and there's many of great copywriting is there was an ad and the ad did decently well it made some sales but all they did was change the headline of the ad and they increased the sales by five times so that's five hundred percent increase in sales just by changing the words so your words are very powerful and in this course you're gonna learn exactly how to use those words to your advantage.

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