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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy now we're going to talk about benefits versus features, what are features well features are what your product or service do they're the physical characteristics of your product or service and products or services usually have many features so a lot of times you see this in product descriptions you'll see the dimensions of products or the material that it's made out of and that's a feature so what are benefits well each feature helps your customer in some way and how your feature benefits your customer is the benefit or lets me rephrase that how each feature helps your customer is what you called the benefit and the benefits are what your customers really care about and essentially a benefit is how your product or service makes the lives of your customer better so let's run through an example now here's a nice-looking watch and the features for this watch are a light leather strap large numbers and 10-year battery life so there is information about the watch but it doesn't directly say how it benefits us so let's translate these features into benefits so now the benefit of the light leather the strap is the light leather strap makes the watch very comfortable that's the benefit by purchasing this watch it's going to be very comfortable because of that light leather strap the large numbers which were a feature makes the watch easy to read and that's the benefit the watch is now easy to read because of the large number feature now for another example remember that feature the 10 year battery life well now we've translated that to a benefit the 10 year battery life means you never have to worry about changing the battery so as you can see all of the benefits are underlined here so the benefits include the feature but they expand on the feature and they tell your customer how that the feature is going to make their lives better and this is really important that we include the benefits whenever we're selling a product or a service and this gets back to customers caring about themselves we want to let those customers know exactly how our product or service is going to benefit their life and make it easier or better.

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