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Little known ways to write effective headlines

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy this lecture I'm gonna go over three headline secrets that are gonna allow you to write way more effective headlines and the first one is clarity over cleverness so you always want to be clear in your copy your customers will not give your copy their full attention and that's because let's say they're browsing their email INBOX or if you're was an ad in a newspaper they're kind of half-aware of what they're reading it's not as if they're fully engaged in their email INBOX and you've probably experienced this yourself where you're just casually browsing through emails you might be listening to music so for that reason you want to be as clear as possible so your readers will understand what you're trying to say without giving all their mental energy so for this reason if you have to make someone think twice about your message you're probably gonna lose them so here's an example of a clever headline next time you'll get the check versus announcing the benefit in a very clear way earn $200 more per month and that's much more effective than the first one the second important thing to keep in the mind is always focused on the positive side of things that's because people do not like to think about negative things now you may know someone or a few people that always talk in a negative way but when they're reading a headline that talks about a benefit they're gonna get they want it to be positive they want to have something to look forward to and almost anything can be framed in a positive way so here's an example the first one is to avoid the trauma of a robbery so let's say we're selling some kind of home alarm system so that would be the negative side of that product avoid the trauma of a robbery but you can also, flip it to the positive side always keep your family safe and if you're deciding between those two angles go with the positive side and lastly and this is a very important point to sell the Cure, not the prevention and this really gets into human nature, people are much more likely to buy something that solves a problem they are having right now they're much less likely to buy something that prevents something bad from happening in the future even if that possible bad event is really big they're likely to put off the decision say I'll think about it and then they'll never buy your products whereas if they have a problem right now and you can solve it right now you're much more likely to get their business so an example here is a fire alarm is a hard product to sell let's sell your let's say you're selling a really advanced fire alarm I don't know if they make those but in this example let's say they do so you're selling the prevention you might have a fire in the next couple of years so I need you to buy this fire alarm now that's a hard thing to do that's a hard sell but on another hand, a product like Tylenol is an easy product to sell so let's say you have a headache right now and you need to solve it well if you have a headache and I have a box of Tylenol it's really easy for me to sell you that Tylenol and that's because you want relief from your pain or problem right now and that's why I often refer to someone's problems as their pain points because that problem is causing them some kind of pain whether it's mental pain or physical pain and if you can help someone solve that problem then they're gonna buy from you in an instant because you're giving them a cure to something that they're dealing with right now.

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