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How to quickly become a better copywriter

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy we come to the end of this course I really want to emphasize the importance of practicing so this course is an excellent start to make you a great copywriter but you really have to keep practicing and that's because practicing is the single way that you're actually going to take these lessons and internalize them and turn it into great copy and you can practice with any form of writing where you're trying to make someone take an action so even with most your emails practice some of these principles that you learned in this course and just keep trying to write copy in any way you can and examples where you can practice copywriting our emails your personal blog if you have one or you can start one and an example of an action you can have your reader taking your blog is sign up for an email list and you can have a website and if you have a website you can practice your copywriting there or you can practice your copywriting if you're selling any type of product or even in conversation so let's say you and a group of friends are deciding on which movie to go to try using a little bit of ADA see if it works now the most effective way to practice copywriting and this is actually recommended by almost all the famous copywriters is to use a pen and a paper and spend ten minutes of day hand copying famous sales letters and I know this sounds kind of crazy but it really helps you internalize what good copy sounds like and you'll subconsciously write better copy if you do this and it only takes ten minutes a day so I'd highly recommend it so in this course description I'm going to include a Dropbox link with five famous sales letters that you can start copying right now

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