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How to come up with the perfect headline

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy in this video I'm going to tell you exactly how you can write a great headline now before I get into this I just want to mention that you've been absorbing a lot of material in this course and I know that's really great but at the same time you might be overwhelmed you might think oh I don't know if I can write a headline now because of I just might forget one of the principles he taught me or I might forget most of them and what I want you to urge you to do is just brainstorm and write down the ideas that you have and that's because the best way to get better at copywriting is to practice and actually memorizing the lectures that I've given you is not gonna help you that much and that's because if you keep practicing you're gonna learn these techniques over time but it's really important that you practice so I'll give you two examples one let's say there's a person that just watches these this video course over and overwrites down every single thing but never practice his writing copy that person's first bid a copy is probably not going to be that good even if they've memorized every lesson that I've taught in this course but take for the seconds an example someone that's just been through this course once but they keep practicing copy they keep practicing writing headlines and writing body copy well over time they're going to be a really effective copywriter because they're practicing so when it comes to writing a headline create a list and on this list you just want to brainstorm headline ideas and write down anything that comes to your mind and it's important that you don't judge the ideas that are coming out of your head and just keep writing them down and you're gonna want to have at least 20 headlines and once you've done this do something else to get your mind off copywriting do an activity that you enjoy or a hobby then wait until the next day and look at the list then and see which headline sounds the best and that's a great way to come up with an effective headline now again I just want to reiterate that practice is so important and the hardest time to start practicing is when you're just starting out and because that's when the doubts are going to be filling your head because you haven't really done this for a while but that's okay just keep writing and don't judge your ideas and you will get better and soon you'll become a very effective copywriter now let's say that you've done a lot of practicing you feel somewhat comfortable writing headlines but you really want to write an effective one for a project you're working on well the best thing to do in this case is to do that process like I mentioned writing a list of headlines but then pick three to five of your favorites and test them and if you do this you may be surprised by which headlines attract the most attention and what's important is when you're testing is you want to try to keep other factors constant so let's say that you're selling a udemy course for example and you want to test different titles for your courses and see which one attracts more students so let's say you test the first headline on Monday and Tuesday and the second headline on Wednesday and Thursday now that's a good way to test but it might give you strange results because of Monday and Tuesday might be more popular days on udemy than Wednesday and Thursday so just using this udemy example you would want to test the first headline for a whole week and the second headline for the next week and that's because you want to keep as many factors constant and only change the headline that way you'll make sure that if the amount of people that look at your copy changes it's because of that the headline you changed and not because of something else.

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