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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy series. so now I'm going to talk about how this course is structured now this the course is broken up into six different sections and right now you're in the first section which is the introduction after the introduction I'm gonna move into philosophy and philosophy is extremely important in copywriting and it has to deal with what I mentioned earlier which is customers don't care about you they care about themselves but there's also a lot of other factors of a philosophy that go behind copywriting and when you learn those philosophies you're gonna see a lot of the world in a completely different way and it's gonna be really empowering for you after we talk about the philosophy behind copywriting we're gonna go over headlines and this is what makes an effective the headline now when it comes to copywriting your headline is actually more important then your body copy and that's because if your headline doesn't grab your readers attention then the rest of your words are pointless because they're not going to click to check it out and actually most of the famous copywriters spend more time writing a great headline than they do writing the entire body copy so that's gonna be a really interesting section for you and after we talk about headlines we're gonna get into body copy and even though body copy isn't as important as headlines it's still really important and you're gonna learn how to write effective body copy and we're gonna start out that section by talking about ADA which is a sales formula that once you learn about it you're gonna see it everywhere after a body copy we're gonna get into technical stuff which is just how to format your copy to make it more readable and finally we'll get to the conclusion where we'll review everything we've learned and I'll point you to some really great resources if you want to continue learning more about copywriting.

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