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Executive summary and section introduction. Starting to write the full plan 

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that we've gone over the three sentence business plan and then turned it into a one page business plan now we're gonna take the one-page business plan and extrapolate on those ideas and build the full business plan now the first section of the full business plan is the executive summary so we're gonna start covering that now in the executive summary your goal is to get the reader excited it's an introduction they're supposed to get excited about whether but what they're about to read and they're getting excited about the business not your writing style so you have to introduce the business the interesting things about the business is what's unique about it here is my approach to doing this here's a I wrote here's a this is a revolutionary new take on mobile apps where the business plan the business apps become they serve as the business coach it actually ended up not quite working out like that with the apps but this was the business plan and by the way when I give the examples of the business of my apps I don't mean to promote them to you this is just happens to be the apps the business that I know best so that's why I'm able to create the business plan examples with this business so one other thing that I do is I introduce you know this is going to be a for app serious and then what I introduce is kind of a hint at the general potential of these apps because I say you know this is with this unique approach for app serious where the apps become a business coach this unique approach positions the apps to become the dominant mobile apps for entrepreneurs and in the readers the light bulb should go off like huh the best and top business apps they're like million-dollar apps billion-dollar apps so then they're like oh my god big opportunity unique approach big opportunity hopefully they're excited and with that that essentially should be the end of it and then you should get into the next sections of the business plan and that's exactly what we'll do so we'll end this video here and we'll get into the next gen section of the business plan in the next.

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