Section introduction - the million dollar business plan

Section introduction - the million dollar business plan we'll examine

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video I want to start a new section of the course which is going to show you a client of Mines business that I helped to take from zero to a million dollars a year business and it's going to give you two business plans the business plan on day zero on day one and the business plans two years later when this business hit a million plus in revenue per year so it's a real example all the data is gonna be real I was there from the very beginning not really from the beginning because this entrepreneur had a 20 year career in this industry but I was essentially at the beginning of the sales of this particular product and I'll walk you all the way through it so that first I'll walk you through the business plan that was the business plan before this business started and after I'll show you the differences of the business plan two years later once it hit that million dollar a year plus revenue threshold to give you a little background the website you can visit yourself it's grout infocom it was started by jeff white who since then became my friend and Jeff had a long career where he had a service business which was not exactly this business the service business was that he literally went to people's homes and he cleaned grout lines if you're not sure what the grout is I'll show you what it is you see it's the tiles between the tiles there's white you see and they get dark they get dirty dirt gets in there and that's grout so the cleaning service was to go to people's bathrooms and clean their kitchens literally scrubbing it and it's hard work and Jeff the founder of this company Jeff white he did that for a long time and then he came up with this product grout is this bottled product that you see right here and this product is the one that he began selling and so it's a different business than a service business this is going to be an e-commerce business basically commerce and e-commerce e-commerce are selling you online commerce it's out is selling everywhere and it's a good example because it's real we have real data it's a success story and it's a different example we've seen before before was a local business which is a really common business this example is ecommerce which is also a very common business probably all together it covers most of the businesses that are planned on this in this course so now that you understand the business you understand the product you understand where it's come from let's get started with the business plans.

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