Section introduction - Napoleon Hill principle

Section Introduction Napoleon Hill Principle

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video we're gonna start a whole new section of the course which I hope will be a real treat for you we're gonna go over the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill the in this book Napoleon Hill who was a journalist went to all the successful people of his era interviewed them and he compiled a list of 13 success skills 13 keys to success to true wealth and he published them in this book and so what I've done is in this course in the upcoming videos I've outlined these thirteen principles for you that are the identified principles of wealth and success and I've also not only outlined them for you but created actionable exercises and steps that you can take and start working on them to attain those traits and those skills starting now and not only that in my own business coaching practice what I've also done is I have identified 50 success skills a broader set because the book is a little dated some of these fields didn't even exist in Napoleon Hills time like emotional intelligence wasn't even a thing and many other skills have come up since then so what I've done is also introduce introduce you how to apply those 50 skills at times when they're needed when they come into play to those original principles of success so not only have actionable exercises for you I have a new and more modern take on how to approach these skills so if you're a first time entrepreneur this should be a real treat for you if you are working for a company and you're taking this course this might not be exactly what you would you've been looking for from this course but it is really cool I think I worked very hard on it and I really wanted especially for first-time entrepreneurs I really wanted to make something special and unique for you guys now one quick thing I actually made a whole course on this topic you don't have to buy the course because actually the content in the course I put it here it's for you so you actually get a whole free course this is it so with that enjoy I am actually really excited about it so let's get started.

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